What Should I name My Bass Guitar

What Should I name My Bass Guitar? Bass Guitar Names

What should I name my bass guitar? Do legendary bass guitar players give nicknames to their bass guitars? Is it necessary to name my bass guitar? Is it not corny if I provide a name for my bass guitar? If you are a bass guitar owner who is contemplating whether to give your gear a name or not, we will help you decide on this one.

Bass guitars are one of the most owned instruments in history, and if you own one or many, I believe that it already has a sentimental value to you. Other bass guitar owners consider their bass guitars as their treasures, so some of them gave names to their bass guitars.

If you are hesitant to give a name to your bass guitar, then maybe you do not know that many legendary bass guitar players gave names to their bass guitars. Therefore, there is no reason for you to be ashamed of naming your bass guitar, as it is already normal, even for professional bass players.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Name On Your Bass Guitar?

There can be some benefits if you choose to give a name to your bass guitar. If you are still hesitant to provide a name for your bass guitar, then things will maybe give you the push to do it.


If you provide a name to your bass guitar, it will be quickly identified by those around you. If you also love to put stickers on your instruments, you should also put a sticker on your bass guitar with its name. This will quickly help other people identify your bass guitar.


If you want to have your bass guitar have a security feature, then why not put a sticker or tag with its name on it in hidden spots of your bass guitar that only you will know. If a situation comes that your bass guitar will be lost or stolen, this will help you identify your bass guitar quickly by finding the sticker or tag you have put on your bass guitar.


You will never know the future, but if you are going to be a renowned bass guitar player in some years, then there is a huge chance that all gears you have used will have value. Many companies have produced signature versions of guitars and bass guitars based on the legendary players’ models.

If you have given your bass guitar a name, it can also be used as a model name by the company that will make replicas of your bass guitar. Signature bass guitars are sold at higher prices than regular guitars, so having the name of your bass guitar in a signature model will really increase its value.

What Is A Good Nickname For A Bass Guitar?

Since their inception, many bass guitar models have already been introduced, but the most usual design is really the Jazz bass and the Precision bass guitar. So, if I own a Jazz bass guitar, there is no reason why I should not name it “Jazz.” Jazz is a cool name as it is also a name of a genre and a name of a basketball team, so the name really fits the bass guitar.

If I own a Precision bass guitar, I will give its nickname “Pippen.” As a die hard Bulls fan, it is my way to give tribute to one of the best defenders of all time. The word “Pippen” also starts with the letter “P,” making it easier for other people to remember its name.

If I am able to acquire a Hofner Violin bass guitar just like what Paul McCartney used in his Beatles’ days, I will name it “Vib.” The word “Vi” comes from the word “Viola,” and the letter “b” is from the Beatles. I think it is a nice nickname for a bass guitar.

Personally, I own a Legend Jazz bass guitar, which is a copy of a Fender J-bass. I also gave a nickname to it, which is “LJ.” It is the initials of the word “Legend” and “Jazz.”  It is also easier to ask people to bring my bass guitar on stage when I am playing on stage as they know that my bass guitar has a sticker with the initials “L” and “J” on it.

Famous Bass Guitar Players Whose Bass Guitars Have Nicknames

It is already typical for professional bass guitar players to give their bass guitars a nickname, so you don’t have to be shy about giving yours an alias also.

Jaco Pastorius

Jaco Pastorius is one of the best bass guitar players that I know, and his playing style is unique on its own. Jaco is always known as a Fender Jazz guy, as his playing style is also great for a Jazz bass guitar, but the most famous Jazz Bass he owned is what he called the “Bass of Doom.”

The “Bass of Doom” was acquired by Jaco when he was 21 years old. The bass guitar became fretless as Jaco removed its frets, and its fretboard was sealed with epoxy resin. Fender has released a “Fender Jaco Pastorius Jazz Bass” in the company’s Artist Series, modeled from Jaco’s bass guitar.

James Jamerson

Considered one of the best bassists of all time, James Jamerson was the bassist of many Motown Records, although he was uncredited as Motown did not start crediting their musicians until 1971. James Jamerson is widely known for his impressive syncopation and tonal choices.

James Jamerson owned a 1962 Fender Precision bass guitar which he named as “The Funk Machine.” The bass guitar has a three-tone sunburst finish and a rosewood fretboard. It also has a tortoiseshell pickguard, bridge cover, and chrome pickup. The bass guitar also has a carved word “Funk” on its heel, which James himself did. Unfortunately, the bass guitar got stolen in 1983.

Bootsy Collins

Another bass guitar legend who has given a nickname to his bass guitar is Bootsy Collins. He is known for his collaborations with different artists from different genres, but his playing style made him one of the leading innovators of the funk genre. He owned many bass guitars, but he will always be known for his “Space Bass.”

The Space Bass has a really unique body shape that looks like a starfish. Its body is made of mahogany and has a maple neck. It also comes with a mirror pickguard, which is pretty unusual for a bass guitar. The bass guitar’s aesthetics is really like from outer space. However, the bass guitar was stolen; fortunately, it was recovered after some time at a Cincinnati pawnshop and was immediately returned to Collins.

Paul McCartney

Although Paul McCartney was not the one who gave the nickname to his bass guitar, the Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass guitar or also called the Beatle Bass or Cavern Bass, has been an iconic bass guitar through the years. It is designed to be a semi-acoustic bass guitar as it has a hollow body, which is very light and easy to play.

The Beatle Bass, also known as the Cavern Bass guitar, will always be remembered as the bass guitar used by Paul McCartney in the heydays of the Beatles.

Overall, if you are still undecided on the name of your bass guitar, then there are still many names available. Naming your bass guitar is a great way to show that you care for your gears. Never be afraid to give a name to your bass guitar, as legends have already done it.

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