Paiste Vs Sabian Cymbals

Paiste Vs Sabian Cymbals Brand Comparison: Paiste Vs Sabian

Paiste vs. Sabian cymbals, which is better? Are there any differences in the materials used between Paiste and Sabian cymbals? Are there any differences between the sound of a Paiste and a Sabian cymbal? If you are curious about the comparison of Paiste and Sabian cymbals, join us as we are going to give you the comparison between the two companies’ flagship, intermediate, and entry-level products.

Flagship Cymbals

Paiste Signature Series

Introduced in 1989, the Paiste Signature Series has been the flagship cymbal series for Paiste for many years up to today. Made using its proprietary bronze that is specifically designed to give you high-end cymbals that can deliver the Paise signature sound, the Signature Series has always been a dream to have for many drummers out there.

The cymbals are widely used for playing in live and recording setups; they are also versatile, as they can be used for playing a wide range of genres, such as pop, rock, hard rock, country, heavy metal, blues, gospel, big band, and many more. The Signature cymbals are known for their rich, colorful, clear, and expressive sound.

There are many drummers who are known for playing the drums and using the Signature Series as their cymbals, including Stewart Copeland, Larry Mullen Jr, Stacy Jones, and many more.

Sabian Artisan Series

If you are looking for flagship cymbals, there is really no mistake when going for Sabian’s Artisan Cymbal Series. Although very expensive, just like the Paiste Signature Series, these cymbals are the best of what Sabian can offer, and you can expect them to deliver an excellent sound that is perfect for a wide range of applications.

Made of high-end B20 Bronze, Sabian Artisan cymbals have that distinct traditional dark and rich tone that many drummers love about them. Widely used for playing genres such as worship, jazz, rock, and others that need their cymbals to have a dark tone, the Artisan Series is really a masterpiece from Sabian that is worth having in your cymbal setup.

The Sabian Artisan Cymbal Series is available in sets, crashes, rides, effects, china, splashes, effects, and hi-hats. There are also many drummers who are known for using the Artisan cymbals, such as Mark Guillana, Dave Weckl, Dave Elitch, Tomas Haake, and many more.


It is maybe one of the hardest decisions to choose, especially when two signature cymbal series are what’s competing for your decision; however, I’ll give a slight edge to the Paiste Signature cymbals. Although I am not a drummer, I have listened to both of them live, and I prefer the sound of the Paiste a little bit better. However, this is only my preference, and choosing either two would still be an excellent decision to make.

Intermediate Cymbals

Paiste 2002 

If you are a fan of that classic Paiste sound that made it famous many years ago, then you should go for the Paise 2002. Introduced in 1971, the 2002 cymbals are inspired by the original cymbals produced by Paiste years ago and are developed to suit the needs of drummers today in the modern scene. Made using its famous 2002 Bronze, the Paiste 2002 cymbals are an excellent choice for intermediate and professional players looking for that high-quality sound at an affordable budget.

The Paiste 2002 cymbals are perfect for playing in a wide range of volume settings, so whether you use it in recordings or live performances, it can still do the job you are expecting out of it. Their warm, brilliant, and precise tone allow them to be an excellent option for playing rock, blues, punk, heavy metal, soul, R&B, gospel, and many more genres. Some of the drummers that are using the Paiste 2002 cymbals in their setup are Topher Stott, Jules Pampena, Will Andrews, and many more.

AA Series

A great mid-level cymbal series to add to your cymbal setup is the Sabian AA. These cymbals are famous for their versatility, and it is also one of the best-selling Sabian cymbal series of all time, which you can interpret that they are really excellent cymbals to have. Manufactured using that high-quality B20 Bronze, you get that vintage style and bright sound that is perfect for playing in classic rock and old-school punk genres.

Although they are made with the same B20 Bronze as the Artisan Series, the AA Series is way cheaper than the latter, making it an excellent option for those who want to have that professional sound at a very affordable price. The AA Series is also able to cut through the mix, similar to the Zildjian A cymbals.

The AA Series is available in sets, crashes, rides, effects, china, and hi-hats. There are also lots of famous drummers that use Sabian AA cymbals in their setup, such as Mike Portnoy, Ray Luzier, Chad Smith, and many more.


As the AA Series cymbals are made of B20 Bronze, while the Paiste 2002 cymbals are made of B8 Bronze, I will have to go for the Sabian AA cymbals. Of course, cymbals made of better-quality materials will produce better sound.

Entry-Level Cymbals

Paiste PST3

If you are still a beginner or who is planning to begin your journey in becoming a drummer, then it would be better if you get an entry-level cymbal first, such as the Paiste PST3. These cymbals have that mix of Swiss cymbal sounds and that renowned German high-tech manufacturing expertise. If you are looking for the best value with great cymbal sounds to match your playing, the PST3 would be an excellent choice for you.

Introduced in 2005, these cymbals are made of MS63 Brass, which is typical for entry-level cymbals. The PST3 cymbals are usually sold as freebies when buying a drum kit; however, you can also buy them separately as they are available in sets or individually, from crashes, hi-hats, rides, splashes, china, and effects. Perfect for any volume applications, it gives you a bright and clean sound with still power that is perfect for every novice drummer’s needs.

Sabian SBR

If you are looking for entry-level cymbals from Sabian that are made of brass, the only thing you can find is the Sabian SBR. These cymbals are only entry-level; however, they can do the job, especially for those beginners that are still trying to find their way to becoming better drummers.

Sabian SBR cymbals are available in sets or individually as crashes, rides, hi-hats, effects, china, and splashes. So, if you are looking for a beginner set that gives you that focused sound that is perfect for novice drumming, then the SBR would be a great option for you to have.


Although both the SBR and PST 3 are made of the same materials, I would give a slight edge to the PST 3. As I have heard both the two cymbal sets in person, I preferred the sound of the PST 3. In entry-level cymbals, I think the best is the PST 3, which is still better than the Zildjian Planet-Zs, in my opinion.

Paiste vs. Sabian cymbals, which is better? In my opinion, I prefer Paiste cymbals; however, both brands are known for producing high-quality cymbals, so there are no mistakes if you are going to choose either one of the other.