PDP 700 Vs 800

PDP 700 Vs 800: Pacific Drums And Percussion Comparison

PDP 700 vs 800, which is better? If you are looking for a set of drum hardware to add or replace your old ones, then these two excellent options would be great for you to check out. Join us as we are going to discuss the best options for all types and levels of drummers.

Build Quality 

PDP 700

The PDP 700 drum hardware series is renowned for its exceptional build quality, ensuring reliability and longevity for drummers in various playing environments. From stands to pedals, each component is meticulously crafted to withstand the demands of regular use and provide a solid foundation for drummers.

The hardware in the PDP 700 series is constructed using high-quality materials, including heavy-gauge steel, which imparts strength and stability to the stands. The double-braced legs further enhance durability, effectively minimizing any unwanted movement or wobbling during intense playing sessions. 

The robust build of the hardware components ensures that they can withstand the rigors of regular use and endure the impact and vibrations produced during drumming.

The precision engineering of the PDP 700 hardware guarantees a secure and stable setup. The fittings and connections are carefully designed to provide a tight and secure grip, minimizing any potential slipping or loosening of the hardware during playing. This attention to detail in the construction allows drummers to perform with confidence, knowing that their hardware will remain steadfast and dependable.

Additionally, the PDP 700 hardware series undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure that each component meets the high standards set by the brand. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in the manufacturing process result in hardware built to last.

Drummers can rely on the PDP 700 hardware series to deliver consistent performance over an extended period. The hardware’s durability and resilience make it suitable for both practice sessions and live performances, allowing drummers to focus on their playing without worrying about equipment failure or instability.

The PDP 700 drum hardware series stands out for its exceptional build quality. With high-quality materials, precision engineering, and rigorous quality control measures, PDP has created hardware that is built to withstand the demands of drumming and provide drummers with the reliability and stability they need for their performances.

PDP 800

The PDP 800 drum hardware is known for its solid build quality and reliable performance. Crafted by Pacific Drums and Percussion, the PDP 800 series offers professional-level hardware for drummers seeking durability and precision.

The PDP 800 hardware is constructed with high-quality materials, such as heavy-duty steel, that ensure stability and longevity. The stands feature double-braced legs, which provide excellent support and prevent wobbling during intense drumming sessions. The chrome-plated finish adds to its visual appeal and protects the hardware from corrosion and wear.

One of the notable features of the PDP 800 hardware is its adjustability. The stands offer multiple adjustment options, allowing drummers to find their preferred height and angle for cymbals, snare drums, and toms. The memory locks ensure consistent positioning, making setup quick and hassle-free.

Compared to the PDP 700 hardware, the PDP 800 series boasts enhanced stability and sturdiness. The double-braced legs of the PDP 800 provide additional reinforcement, making it ideal for heavy-hitting drummers or those who require extra strength during energetic performances. The PDP 800 hardware also incorporates more advanced features, such as memory locks, which are absent in the PDP 700 series.

The PDP 800 drum hardware offers professional-grade build quality, reliability, and adjustability. Whether in the studio or on stage, drummers can rely on the PDP 800 series to withstand the rigors of frequent use while providing excellent performance and stability.


PDP 700 vs 800, which has the better build quality? I will have to go with the PDP 800, as this set of drum hardware is built with better materials designed for professional use.

Best Features

PDP 700

The PDP 700 drum hardware series boasts several standout features that make it a top choice for drummers seeking reliable and versatile hardware at an affordable price.

Sturdy Construction

The PDP 700 hardware series is built with durability in mind. The stands are constructed from heavy-gauge steel, providing excellent stability during intense playing sessions. The double-braced legs enhance overall strength and prevent unwanted movement or wobbling.

Adjustability And Versatility 

Drummers value the ability to customize their setup, and the PDP 700 hardware delivers in this regard. The stands feature multiple adjustment points, allowing drummers to position their cymbals, snare drums, and hi-hats precisely to their desired height and angle. This adaptability ensures optimal playing comfort and ergonomics for drummers of different sizes and playing styles.

Reliable Performance

The PDP 700 hardware series offers consistent and reliable performance, essential for any drummer. The hardware components are designed to withstand the rigors of regular use, making them suitable for practice sessions and live performances. Drummers can have confidence in the stability and functionality of their hardware, allowing them to focus on their playing without distractions.

Enhanced Functionality

The PDP 700 hardware series includes features that improve overall functionality. The cymbal stands are equipped with adjustable boom arms, allowing drummers to position their cymbals at various angles and heights. This adaptability allows for precise placement and better control over cymbal tones. The bass drum pedal offers smooth and responsive action, ensuring accurate footwork and excellent control over dynamics.

Affordable Price

One of the standout aspects of the PDP 700 hardware series is its affordability. Despite offering high-quality construction and performance, the hardware is priced competitively, making it accessible to drummers on a budget. This combination of quality and value makes the PDP 700 hardware series an attractive option for beginner and intermediate drummers.

PDP 800

The PDP 800 drum hardware series offers several standout features contributing to its reputation as a top-quality option for drummers. Here are some of its best features:

Solid Construction

The PDP 800 hardware is built with durability in mind. It utilizes heavy-duty steel components, ensuring stability and longevity even under the most intense drumming sessions. The robust construction provides a solid foundation for your drums and cymbals.

Double-Braced Legs

The double-braced legs of the PDP 800 hardware offer exceptional stability. They are designed to withstand heavy playing and prevent wobbling or movement during performances. This feature is particularly beneficial for drummers who play with a lot of power or perform energetic drumming styles.

Adjustable Components 

The PDP 800 series stands and mounts are highly adjustable, allowing drummers to customize their setup to their preferences. The stands offer multiple height and angle adjustment options, enabling precise positioning of cymbals, snare drums, and toms. This versatility ensures optimal playability and comfort.

Memory Locks

The inclusion of memory locks in the PDP 800 hardware makes setup and teardown a breeze. These locks enable you to set and lock your preferred height and angle positions, ensuring consistent placement every time you assemble your drum kit. This feature is especially valuable for touring drummers or those frequently moving their setup.

Chrome-Plated Finish 

The PDP 800 hardware boasts a sleek chrome-plated finish that adds an attractive aesthetic to your drum kit and provides protection against corrosion and wear. This durable finish helps keep your hardware looking great for years to come.

Professional-Level Performance

The PDP 800 hardware series delivers performance comparable to higher-end professional drum hardware options. It offers the reliability and stability required for demanding playing situations, making it suitable for live performances and studio recording sessions.


PDP 700 vs 800, which has the better features? I would have to go with the PDP 800, as it has a memory lock feature, which allows for an easy setup, while the PDP 700 does not have any features close to this.

PDP 700 vs 800, which is better? I would go for the PDP 800 as they are made for professional use and have better features, such as memory locks. They are also built with better materials but are more expensive than the PDP 700.