does playing guitar make your fingers longer

Does Playing Guitar Make Your Fingers Longer? Long Fingernails

Playing guitar can be tougher to grasp at first, if you have shorter finger or smaller hands.

So does playing guitar make your finger longer? Will your fingers become stronger or thinner from playing guitar?

Can someone with small hands, develop their fingers to be able to play better?

No, playing guitar does not make your finger longer in length. Over time, you will develop dexterity in your hands and fingers, which will allow you to stretch your fingers further.

So you will be able to reach farther with your fingers, however, it is not because your fingers are longer in length.

Do long fingers help guitar playing

Yes, having long fingers will provide an advantage when playing guitar, though it is not a necessity by any means.

Having longer fingers will give you an initial advantage, because you won’t have to stretch so far to make the basic shapes on the fretboard.

If you do not have long fingers, it isn’t a big deal, as you will build up finger dexterity over time and learn to adapt.

If you have very small hands you may consider using a smaller scale or short scale guitar to help you reach the proper positions.

So yes, longer fingers help, but experience and skill far outweighs finger length.

Does playing guitar make your fingers stronger

Yes, your fingers will develop strength as you play guitar.

You left hand will develop dexterity and strength quite quickly, if you’re practicing regularly.

While you don’t need to be performing bicep curls with your fingers, some basic stretching like in the video below can help develop your fingers even faster!

Does playing guitar make your hands bigger

No, playing guitar does not make your hands bigger.

Over time your hands will be able to stretch further, witch will allow them to span a bigger distance on the fretboard.

However, this is largely due to building up dexterity in your hand, as you hand isn’t physically growing bigger, just able to stretch further.

Does playing guitar make your fingers thinner

This depends on the guitarist. You fingers will become stronger and the small muscles will develop.

So in theory you’re fingers may actually get thicker, however, the amount would be so small that it would be unnoticeable, and may not be true for most guitarists.

Guitar playing does not physically change your hands.

Is it harder to play guitar with long fingernails

Yes, if you have long fingernails or a manicure on your fretting hand, it will be more difficult to fret the strings.

If you have long fingernails on your strumming hand, it may be an advantage depending on your style of play.

Why do guitar players have long fingernails

Some guitarists prefer to keep the finger nails on their strumming hand long enough to use the nails to pick or strum the strings.

This is an incredibly effective style for many genres and guitarists, though some styles may be more suited to using a traditional pick.

Fingerstyle guitar can be played with long fingernails or by using finger picks that can slide on to the guitarists fingers to mimic having long fingernails.

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