Is Pulse A Good Drum Brand

Is Pulse A Good Drum Brand? Pulse Drums And Percussion

Is Pulse a good drum brand? Are Pulse Drums a good drum kit for novice drummers? Can I use a Pulse drum kit for professional performances? Are Pulse drum kits reliable and durable? Do Pulse drum kits sound good? What are the materials used in making Pulse drums? When it comes to entry-level drum kits, you must really have to be wise in choosing a drum kit, even though you are still a newbie drummer.

If you are a new drummer on the block and are searching for an entry-level drum kit as your practice gear or maybe even your performing gear, then you should get the best equipment that is within your budget, as perhaps you will be using it for a very long time. You do not want to have regrets after purchasing a gear, as there is a possibility that you will still be stuck with the equipment unless you can replace it.

So, what are the drum brands that you should look into if you are looking for an entry-level drum kit? As many drum brands are available in the market nowadays, one drum brand that we are going to look into today is the Pulse Drums. Pulse Drums is a drum brand that is known to offer some entry-level drum kits in the market, but they also manufacture some mid-level drum kits.

Pulse Drums are known to be manufactured in China, which is one of the most popular countries for making entry-level drum kits. The brand is believed to have been introduced in the market in the 90s. The shells of their entry-level drum kits are made of Poplar, which is a typical wood for most of the entry-level drum kits that you can see in local or online music stores.

So, why does Pulse Drums use Poplar for the shells of their drum kits? Poplar is one of the most economical and inexpensive woods that you can use for manufacturing drum shells. Poplar is a durable wood and can easily be worked for making the shells. Poplar is also known for its warm and full tone. These are the main reasons why Pulse Drums and like many other drum manufacturing companies, use Poplar for making the shells of their entry-level drum kits.

Aside from Poplar, Pulse Drums also produce drum kits made from Maple and Mahogany, which are advertised as the brand’s entry for mid-level drum kits.

Pulse Junior Drum Set

Apart from the regular-sized entry-level drum kits that Pulse Drums is offering in the music market, they also produce some junior-sized drum kits that are designed for those children who want to learn to play the drums but play in a regular-sized drum kit would be uncomfortable for them because of its size. This is the main reason why drum companies manufacture junior-sized drum kits.

The Pulse Junior Drum set is available in two configurations; a 3-piece, a 4-piece and a typical 5-piece setup. The 3-piece configuration comes with a smaller bass drum with a dimension of 16″ x 12″, a mounted tom with a dimension of 8″ x 4″, and a 10″ x 4″ snare drum. This drum kit does not come with a floor tom. Lastly, all the drum kit shells are made of Poplar.

Its 4-piece configuration has a 16″ x 11″ bass drum, an 8″ x 5″ tom, a 13″ x 10″ floor tom, and a 12″ x 4.5″ snare drum. It included hardware consisting of a cymbal stand, a hi-hat stand, a snare stand, a bass drum pedal, and a drum throne.

For the five-piece drum configuration, it comes with a 16″ x 12″ bass drum, a 12″ x 4″ snare drum, a 13″ x 10″ floor tom, and two mounted toms with sizes 8″ x 5″ and 10″ x 6. All of the configurations come with a 3-piece cymbal set, which is a 12-inch crash cymbal and a pair of 10-inch hi-hat cymbals.

Aside from the cymbal set, the Pulse Junior Drum Set also comes with free hardware. It has a bass drum pedal, a snare drum stand, a cymbal stand, a hi-hat cymbal stand, and a drum throne. All of its hardware is made of steel, which is typical for an entry-level drum kit. Its drum heads are not that great but can be useful, especially if the drum kit is only used as a practice gear for a child.

For an entry-level junior-sized drum kit, its affordable price is a great option if you are looking for practice gear that your kid can learn from.

Pulse Pro Drum Set

The Pulse Pro Drum Set is the brand’s entry into the market for entry-level drum kits at an affordable price. It is a drum kit that every novice drummer should look into as it is a great gear to help them in their journey of becoming a great drummer. Even with its low price, the technology that is used in making them is still impressive.

The Pulse Pro Drum Set comes with a 22″ x 16” bass drum, a 5.5″ x 14″ steel snare drum, a 12″ x 10″ tom, a 13″ x 11″ tom, and a 16″ x 16″ floor tom. All of these shells are considered to be in standard sizes. A 4-piece configuration of the Pulse Pro drum kit is also available, which means that it only has one tom, and it does not have a 13″ x 11″ tom in the setup.

Its hardware has a double-braced design, which means that it is very durable and stable, so you do not need to worry about the cymbal, snare, and hi-hat stand. It has a chain-drive bass pedal, and its toms are suspension mounted, which are pretty impressive features for an entry-level drum kit.

Pulse Pro Maple

The Pulse Pro Maple is the brand’s version of its mid-level drum kit. The drum kit is only available in an 8-piece drum configuration, which means that it is a huge drum kit to play with. The shells of the drum kit are all made of Maple, which is highly known for its balanced mids and highs while having a slightly warm low.

The Pulse Pro Maple comes with two bass drums having the same sizes of 22″ x 18″, while it also has three toms of different sizes. There is an 8” x 7″ tom, a 10″ x 8″ tom, and the largest of the three, a 12″ x 9″ tom. It has a 14″ x 14″ floor tom and a 16″ x 16″ secondary floor tom. It also comes with a matching 14″ x 5.5″ snare drum.

The hardware for this drum set comes with a chrome finish, and its shells have a lacquer finish. Aside from Maple, the Pulse Drums also offers an 8-piece drum configuration, but its shells are all made of Poplar, which is a cheaper option compared to the Maple version. The Poplar version also comes with two smaller bass drums than the Pulse Pro Maple.

So, is Pulse Drums a good drum brand? If you are looking for a more affordable drum kit because of a tight budget, then the Pulse Drums is a good drum brand you should look into as they offer good quality drum kits that you can use for practicing with the drums.