Quadruple Kick Pedal

Quadruple Kick Pedal: Are Quad Kick Drum Pedals Useful

Is a quadruple kick pedal useful when playing the drums? What are the pros and cons of using a quadruple kick pedal? How do you choose the right quadruple kick pedal for you? If you are planning to get one, try to finish reading the article first, as we will discuss the benefits of using a quadruple, which can help you decide whether to go with it or not.

Benefits Of Using A Quad Kick Drum

Using quad kick drum pedals can give lots of benefits to drummers looking to expand their playing abilities. Here are some of the main advantages of using quad kick drum pedals:

Better Speed

The first advantage that comes to mind for every drummer that has used a quad kick drum pedal is that it allows you to have a better playing speed. By using a quad kick drum pedal, it will enable you to play faster and more complex patterns than what you can play with a traditional double kick pedal. With four pedals, you can make more difficult rhythms and polyrhythms and allows you to do more complex ways that would be hard to do for single and double kick pedals.

Improved Foot Control

The second advantage that you can have of using a quad kick drum pedal is that it can help improve your foot control and coordination. Playing with four pedals requires more precise and controlled movements than playing with just a kick pedal with one or two beaters and can help train your foot muscles to work together in new ways. This improved foot control can carry over to other facets of your drum playing, allowing you to become a more well-rounded and versatile drummer in the long run.


The third benefit that you can get from playing with a quad kick drum pedal is that it allows you to become a better and more versatile drummer in the long run. It also gives you a greater range of expressive possibilities than traditional double and single kick pedals. With four pedals, you can create a broader range of tones and dynamics, allowing you to better match the style and mood of the music you’re playing. 

This increased expressive range can help you create more dynamic and nuanced performances, resulting in you becoming a more versatile drummer the longer you are getting used to playing with a quad kick drum pedal.

It Improves Your Musical Creativity

The fourth advantage of using a quad kick drum pedal is it inspires you to have greater musical creativity and experimentation. With the ability to play more complex patterns and rhythms, you can find new ways to express yourself musically and develop your own unique playing style. This can be a fun and rewarding experience and will be a huge help in your drumming journey in the long run.

Lesser Setup Time

Lastly, using a quad kick drum pedal can also help to reduce setup time and simplify your drum kit, which is a huge advantage for any drummer who needs this type of setup. With just one pedal, you can play four separate bass drum notes, eliminating the need for additional bass drums or pedals. This can be especially useful for drummers who perform live or who have limited space on stage or in the studio.

Disadvantages Of Using A Quad Kick Drum


One of the disadvantages that come with using a quad kick drum pedal is its expensive cost. These pedals can be significantly more costly than traditional single or double-bass drum pedals and may not be affordable, especially to those drummers who have a limited budget. However, it is essential to consider the long-term benefits and potential cost savings of using a quad pedal in the long run, as it can help to simplify your setup and improve your playing abilities as a drummer.

Learning Curve

Another disadvantage that you can expect if you are planning to use a quad kick drum pedal is the learning curve. These pedals require a significant amount of practice and coordination for you to get used to it, and you may need more time to master them. It is also not suitable for beginners or those who are new to drumming, as they can be pretty difficult to learn with. 

This is why you will need lots of dedication and patience, which most novice drummers don’t have. You can reap the benefits of improved foot independence and speed by learning to play with a quad pedal.


The third disadvantage that you can get with using a quad kick drum pedal is that it requires more maintenance than traditional pedals you see in the market, as they have four separate beaters and mechanisms that need to be kept in good condition. This can take too much of your time, and it is also more expensive as it will require you some additional tools or equipment. However, regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of your quad pedal.

How To Choose The Right Quad Kick Pedal For You

If you are planning to go for a quad kick pedal, here are some of the things that you should consider before buying one:


The first thing to consider when going for a quad kick drum pedal is your budget. Quad pedals can be expensive as they start from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars, so it’s essential to determine how much you’re willing to spend before going for one. Remember that while some of the more expensive pedals may offer more advanced features or higher-quality construction, some great mid-range options may fit your needs and budget.

Skill Level

The second thing you should consider when going for a quad kick drum pedal is your skill level. If you are a novice drummer or are just learning to play double bass, start with a more straightforward quad pedal that is easier to play and control. However, if you’re an experienced drummer looking to push the limits of your playing abilities, you may want a more advanced pedal that offers better speed, control, and versatility.

Playing Style

The third factor you should consider, whether proceeding with a quad kick pedal or not, is your preferred playing style. Different pedals may be better suited to varying types of music, so choosing a pedal that will complement your playing style is crucial. An example is if you play primarily metal or hard rock, then you may want a pedal with a heavier, more aggressive feel, while if you play jazz or funk, you may want a more subtle and nuanced pedal that can produce a broader range of tones.

Pedal Construction And Beater Type

Lastly, the pedal construction and the beater type must also be considered before buying one. Look for a durable and well-built pedal with sturdy materials and high-quality components that allows you to make adjustments for a more comfortable playing experience. 

Some pedals come with felt or rubber beaters, ideal for producing a softer, more muted sound, while others come with harder plastic or metal beaters better suited for louder, more aggressive playing styles. So, you must know what works for your playing style.

So, is a quadruple kick pedal useful? If you are a drummer who wants to become better by adding a new dimension to your playing style, then going for a quadruple kick pedal is the right way to go. However, if you are still new to the drumming scene, it would be better for you to go for simpler kick pedals first before using a quadruple kick pedal.