Are Sabian B8 Cymbals Any Good

Are Sabian B8 Cymbals Any Good? Sabian B8 Cymbals

Are Sabian B8 cymbals any good? How do Sabian B8 cymbals sound? Are there any differences between the Sabian B8 and B8X cymbals? Are Sabian B8 cymbals only for novice drummers? If you are interested in getting a Sabian B8 cymbal, read this article first to help you better decide whether you are going through with it or you will have to find a new and better option.

B8 Hi-Hat Cymbal

For an entry-level hi-hat cymbal, the Sabian B8 hi-hat is really one of the best in the business. They have a very bright sound and are very defined. It is also very clean to listen to and penetrating. These characteristics are very hard to have when it comes to beginner-level cymbals, so with the Sabian B8, it would really be an advantage. It has really great value and would be the perfect choice if you are on a tight budget.

Its negatives are only that they can sound a little bit thin and has a subpar bell or fully-opened sound. However, these things are pretty understandable, as these cymbals are also sold at a very affordable price point.

B8 Crash Cymbal

If you are also looking for an entry-level crash cymbal that would give you a decent sound without piercing your ears, the Sabian B8 crash cymbal would be the way to go. Available in different size options, the B8 crash cymbal can give you a warm sound with more personality compared to other cheap crash cymbals on the market.

One disadvantage of the crash cymbal is that it can be a little bit thicker for professional use, which also means that it has a longer sustain compared to higher-end cymbals. If you prefer to have a longer ring, then go for the B8 crash cymbal, and don’t if you are not a fan of this sound. However, for its price, it still has one of the best values in the industry.

B8 Ride Cymbal

Made of B8 Alloy, the Sabian B8 ride cymbal is one of the thickest and heaviest ride cymbals that I have ever tried to play with. With this feature, it also gives the cymbal the ability to have a longer sustain, and with its bell, you can play a lot of accents without hurting your ears from its sound.

The ride cymbal also has a very bright sound that is perfect for playing lots of different genres. For its price point, it is one of the best-valued ride cymbals in the market, which makes it an excellent option to have for those newbie drummers who are looking to have a high-quality sound without breaking the bank.

Sabian B8 vs B8X

So, what is the difference between the Sabian B8 and B8X? As both are entry-level cymbal lines, you should know that the B8 has already been discontinued and is replaced by the B8X. This also means that the B8X is a new and improved version of the Sabian B8.

The Sabian B8 comes with a traditional finish, while the B8X comes with a brilliant finish. The former also has a light lathing, while the latter has an extensive lathing. The B8X undergoes light and computerized hammering, while the Sabian B8 does not. Although the B8X is considered to be a step from the B8, there is really not that much of a difference when it comes to their prices.

Here are some of the Sabian B8X cymbals that you should check out: Are Sabian B8 cymbals any good?

Sabian B8X Crash

Available in sizes 14 to 18 inches, these crash cymbals are made of B8 Bronze, which is the usual material for making high-quality but affordable cymbals. Depending on your preference, the cymbal is available in many subcategories, such as medium, ballistic, thin, rock, and o-zone. So, whether you use it for your practice session or any other musical applications, the B8X can still do a good job at a very affordable price point. You also have lots of options to choose from, which gives you the flexibility to suit your playing style.

Sabian B8X Hi-Hat

Available in either a 13 or 14-inch size, the B8X hi-hat is also available in two categories: rock and regular. Both hi-hats are made of B8 Bronze, which is an industry standard for making budget cymbals. The rock hi-hat can deliver loud volume with some crispiness and a cutting stick definition that is really great for an entry-level cymbal. The regular hi-hat has a bright and clean sound that is able to penetrate and is very responsive when played. 

Both hi-hats are made to suit your preferred playing style, and your advantage is that you get this cymbal at a very affordable price point.

Sabian B8X Ride

The Sabian B8X Ride cymbal is available in 18 and 20-inch diameter sizes and is categorized as a regular B8X and a B8X rock ride. Made of B8 Alloy, the B8X ride comes with a cutting bell and a very bright tone that suits lots of playing styles, especially for beginners who want to play with a cymbal set that comes with an upgraded sound. The Rock ride, on the other hand, has that clean and solid sticking sound that comes with some crispiness. It is also very clear, even how loud you play with it.

Sabian B8X Splash

Available in 8, 10, and 12-inch diameter sizes, the Sabian B8X splash cymbals can deliver an extremely fast and bright cymbal tone that also comes with some punchiness to it and has high-end cuts for playing fast accents. Made of the famous B8 Bronze material, the B8X cymbals have a thin weight, which enables them to have a short sustain and a focused attack, which is perfect for lots of genres to play with.

Sabian B8X China

The B8X Chinese cymbal is available in two configurations: an 18-inch version and a 14-inch mini version. Both Chinese cymbals are made of B8 Bronze and come with a thin weight, which gives them a shorter sustain. The 18-inch has a bright bite and is a little bit aggressive and edgy. It can also deliver that trashy sound that you’d expect from a decent China cymbal. On the other hand, the 14-inch Mini Chinese cymbal has that punchier Chinese design that is perfect for playing fast and biting accents in a smaller version.

Sabian B8X Sets

Aside from individual cymbals, the Sabian B8X is also available in sets, and they come in seven different configurations. From a six-piece, five, four, or three-piece format, you can choose what your preferred setup is and what suits your budget. You can also get an effect set, where only effect cymbals are sold.

As an entry-level cymbal line, the Sabian B8X is really one of the best in the industry, and it would be a great option to have if you are a beginner who’s looking to have a decent set of cymbals to pair with your drum kit and give you a sound that you would surely love without hurting your ears.

Are Sabian B8 cymbals any good? For an entry-level cymbal line, the Sabian B8 is a really great option to have in your setup. They can deliver a great sound for their price point too. However, if you are planning to play professionally, you might better go for other cymbal lines, such as the Sabian XSR, FRX, or even an HH.