is sawtooth a good guitar brand

Is Sawtooth A Good Guitar Brand? Where Are Sawtooth Guitars Made?

Sawtooth guitars have been around fora number of years now, and they beg the question:

Is Sawtooth a good guitar brand? Are their guitars worth the price and are they any good?

Sawtooth is a budget friendly, low end, beginner line of instruments.

If you’re looking for a high end, mid range, or even high-entry level guitar, you should look elsewhere.

Sawtooth guitars are not anything to write home about if you’re comparing them to standard brands, like the ones who’s designs they copy.

Sawtooth Telecasters certainly wouldn’t hold up against a Fender, and honestly not even a Squier.

That doesn’t mean that FOR THE PRICE, Sawtooth guitars aren’t good.

For the price of Sawtooth guitars, you get probably the lowest level of guitar you can get before I would start to consider them toys.

I wouldn’t consider Sawtooths a toy brand like you might see other brands from Asia coming out with.

So that’s one thing Sawtooth has going for them, they aren’t toys.

Where are Sawtooth Instruments manufactured?

Sawtooth guitars are assembled in California, but the actual manufacturing location is unknown.

This is a somewhat questionable problem I have with Sawtooth, no where can I find where they are MADE.

I can only find that Sawtooth guitars are ASSEMBLED in California.

With Sawtooth’s price point you can almost guarantee the guitars are coming from Asia, likely Indonesia or China.

There are good instruments coming out of Asia, but these aren’t going to make it into that category.

Using the ASSEMBLED in California, is business speak for we want to mislead buyers, and I don’t like that at all.

Not being able to find where Sawtooth guitars are made or manufactured is a bit odd.

Pair that with (in my opinion) “sketchy” wording and branding like “assembled in California” is a turn off for me.

Enough so that I’d personally skip over Sawtooth for myself, but I don’t think Sawtooth is aiming for any other clientele, than perspective guitarists, and the unaware.

Are Sawtooth guitar packs any good?

This is where Sawtooth excels, if you want to get a basic entry level guitar start pack, it’s a good deal, and price.

You get everything from the guitar, case, amp, strap and picks, everything you need to play for your first 6 months to 1 year of playing.

I’ve never seen a starter pack go for cheaper than what Sawtooth is offering.

My one recommendation would be to find the Sawtooth pack you like, and then find the comparable Squier starter pack.

Currently, the squier pack is about a hundred dollars more than the Sawtooth pack.

With such a low price point, a hundred dollars is about 30-50% of the total price.

However, if you go with Squier, you’ll get a SOLID, good guitar that will last you until you need a mid-range guitar.

If you go with a Sawtooth pack, you might find yourself wanting or even needing to upgrade within the first year, certainly within the first two years.

Are Sawtooth Bass guitars good?

Sawtooth bass guitars continue the level of quality as their 6-string guitars: a solid instrument for a low price.

Sawtooth bass guitars are good and worth the price, should you be looking at an affordable entry level bass guitar.

You won’t be selling out shows with your Sawtooth bass guitar, but it will get you started on your journey.

Is Sawtooth worth it?

Yes Sawtooth guitars are worth the price, so long as you go into the purchase aware of what you’re buying.

Sawtooth is an entry level brand, no one would make the case that Sawtooth is anything more.

Within the entry level range of guitar brands, Sawtooth is very low, versus a brand like Squier that is on the upper end of the entry level range.

So yes, Sawtooth is a great option to get started learning bass, guitar or drums. Just be aware that you’ll likely outgrow a Sawtooth instrument within the first two years.

For some people, that’s going to be a great deal. 

Others might like to go for something that will last a lifetime, the choice is up to you.

Sawtooth is a good guitar brand, just know what you’re getting compared to the rest of the guitar market.

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