are semi acoustic guitars good for beginners

Are Semi Acoustic Guitars Good For Beginners?

So, are semi acoustic guitars good for beginners? Are there any differences between using an acoustic and a semi-acoustic guitar? What are the positives of using a semi-acoustic guitar when you are a beginner? What are the negatives for beginners using a semi-acoustic guitar? There are only some of the questions that come out when it comes to semi-acoustic guitars, and whether they are a great musical instrument to use for beginners who want to learn to play the guitar.

In this article, we will go to give light on the issues regarding semi-acoustic guitars and novice guitar players and answer some of the important questions regarding the musical instrument.

So, first of all, what is a semi-acoustic guitar? A semi-acoustic guitar is a type of an electric guitar that has a sound box and at least one electric guitar pickup. This type of guitar is also called by others a hollow-body electric or thinline guitar. This guitar was first created in the 1930s as Gibson was the first to introduce it in the market in 1936. Their first product series was called the ES-150s.

The first semi-acoustic guitars were based on the standard production archtop and have some f-holes similar to a traditional jazz guitar. Aside from Gibson, Rickenbacker and Gretsch were also some of the companies that have established a great reputation for making excellent semi-acoustic guitars in the past. To this day, the three companies mentioned and more are still producing quality semi-acoustic guitars.

In the 1930s, semi-acoustic guitars are known to be used for playing the jazz genre. The guitar also became famously used in playing blues, folk, and pop. However, it usually produces feedback when played at a very high volume, but after the rock genre rose to fame, the semi-acoustic guitar has been one of the go-to guitars by many famous rock guitar players.

Semi-acoustic guitars are also similar to acoustic guitars with their clear and warm tone. Some semi-acoustic guitars have a center block that helps in managing the feedback and lets the guitar player play at a higher volume and gain. More and more people are also considering them as practice guitars, as they are quieter than the normal acoustic guitars, which can be a good thing if you are practising and want to avoid noise.

There have been many famous guitar players that are known for using semi-acoustic guitars. One of them is George Benson, who is a famous jazz guitar player. Another one is John Lennon of the Beatles. BB King, Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, Paul McCartney, and Izzy Stradlin were also famous for using semi-acoustic guitars in their performances.

Why A Beginner Should Use Semi-Acoustic Guitars For Practice?

There are reasons why semi-acoustic guitars can be a good option for beginners who are still learning how to play the guitar, and we are going to discuss that below.

Lesser Volume

When you practise, there are really some instances that you have to tone down your strumming to avoid disturbing other people in the vicinity. This is really a problem for most acoustic instruments, and it is sometimes very hard to control yourself, especially if you are still new to learning how to play the musical instrument.

For semi-acoustic guitars, it is a great musical instrument to practice with as it is quieter than an acoustic guitar, but you still also feel that you are playing an acoustic guitar, as it is one but only has an electric pickup built in itself. 

Semi-acoustic guitars are starting to be a go-to practice guitar for musicians for their controlled volume, and possibly many more musicians will go with this trend as time goes by. 

Tweakable Sound

If you are a beginner who prefers to practice or play with a guitar amplifier, then the semi-acoustic guitar is really a perfect option for you. Most semi-acoustic guitars have a built-in EQ system with them, so if you want to tweak its sound while you plug it in a guitar amplifier, then you can still do it. It is a great feature for you if you prefer to modify the tones with your guitar. Just a little tweak with the guitar knobs, and you are good to go.

Recording Purposes

If you are a beginner who enjoys recording your playing progress, then you should use a semi-acoustic guitar. Recording yourself while playing is really a great way to check your progress as a musician, and a semi-acoustic guitar easily allows you to do that even without using a guitar amplifier. If you have an audio interface and a DAW, you can already record yourself using a semi-acoustic guitar.

Playing In A Band

Even if you are still a beginner but are already playing or practicing with a band, a semi-acoustic guitar gives you the option to plug it easily into a guitar amplifier and maybe into the mixer and be able to listen to your playing by listening to the P.A. speakers.

Semi-acoustic guitars can be easily used in situations like these compared to normal acoustic guitars where you will still need to have an external pickup to be able to amplify the sound released by the guitar. With semi-acoustic guitars, you will just need a guitar cable, plug it in the mix and you are already good to go.

Although playing in a band can already be advanced for some, it can expedite your progress as a musician, as it helps you to learn how to play with other people.

Why Beginners Should Not Use Semi-Acoustic Guitars?

A Little Bit Pricey

If you are a beginner and do not want to invest in more expensive guitars, then semi-acoustic guitars are maybe not the right ones for you. Semi-acoustic guitars are more expensive than acoustic guitars, so if you are just looking for a practice guitar without worrying about its noise, then you should go for an acoustic guitar.


If you are a novice musician who prefers simplicity, then maybe the semi-acoustic guitar is not what you are looking for. Semi-acoustic guitars are more complicated than acoustic guitars as they usually have knobs for their volume and EQs, so if you are still not familiar with that and do not want to mind any of those features, then you should go for the simpler acoustic guitar.

So, are semi acoustic guitars good for beginners? Yes, they are. Its volume if unplugged is really a plus if you are looking to play with a guitar that does not sound too loud because of your surroundings. The only thing to think about is whether you are willing to go deeper with your budget as even the cheapest semi-acoustic guitars are still more expensive than those cheap acoustic guitars for practice.

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