Is Stagg A Good Guitar Brand

Is Stagg A Good Guitar Brand? Stagg Guitars Quality

Is Stagg a good guitar brand? Where are Stagg guitars made? Who owns Stagg guitars? When it comes to guitar brands like the Stagg, it is normal that many are curious about these types of brands as they are more unfamiliar to many people, and this is why it would be better for you to have better knowledge, as maybe you will be able to encounter one of their guitars someday.

The company has its headquarters located in Brussels, Belgium, and it is also a subsidiary of EMD Music. After Stagg Music was relaunched in the market in 1995, its founder, Leonardo Baldocci, pushed the company to focus on making high-quality guitars at more affordable price tags. As of today, Stagg is offering a wide array of musical instruments to choose from.

Stagg Electric Guitars

Stagg Silveray 533 

One of Stagg’s best electric guitars on the market, the Stagg Silveray Series 533 model is one of the best-looking guitars that the company has ever produced. The guitar has a similar design to the legendary Gibson ES-335, though this guitar only has one f-hole in its design.

The guitar comes with a chambered Maple body and a Maple neck in a set-in design with a high gloss finish, making the guitar very comfortable to play with. It has a Blackwood fingerboard, which makes the guitar sound warm and a little bit dry.

The 533 model is equipped with a pair of P-90-style humbucking pickups with a three-way toggle switch and two volume and tone controls for a wide array of guitar voicings to choose from that would be perfect for your playing style.

Lastly, it comes with a black pickguard made of ABS plastic for scratch protection and a Tune-o-Matic bridge with a tailpiece. It has die-cast machine heads, NuBone nuts, and a set of premium D’Addario strings.

Stagg Vintage T-Plus 

Stagg’s version of the legendary Telecaster, the Vintage T-Plus, is an excellent guitar to have, especially if you are on a tight budget but would still want to have a guitar that sounds amazing. The guitar‘s body is made of a solid Paulownia, and it comes with a Maple neck with a bolt-on design and a satin finish, giving the guitar player more access, especially in the higher parts of its 22-fret Maple fretboard.

The guitar is equipped with one single coil and one humbucker pickup with Alnico magnets, an excellent combination if you are looking for impressive versatility in a guitar. It also has a three-way pickup switch and one volume control with a push-pull feature to split the humbucker, giving you an added guitar voice to choose from.

It has a string-through-body bridge similar to the Fender Telecaster, and it comes with a set of nickel machine heads and a bone nut, giving the guitar impressive tonal stability.

Stagg Standard S Guitar

If you are a beginner that is looking to start with a Strat style as your first guitar, the Stagg Standard S-Series is an excellent option that you should look into. The guitar comes in a massive Paulownia body and a Maple neck with a bolt-on design and a satin finish, giving it very easy access when playing the higher parts of its 22-fret Rosewood fingerboard.

It comes with the classic Strat-style three single-coil configuration, with volume control and two tone controls. It also has a five-way pickup selector switch, giving you a lot of tone selections to choose from on the guitar.

It has a Strat-style pickguard with an aged white color to protect the guitar’s body from scratches. It also has a vibrato-type S bridge to which you can attach a tremolo bar, giving you an additional feature that most guitar players would love to have in their guitars. Lastly, it comes with a set of die-cast tuning machines and a bone nut.

Stagg Acoustic Guitars

Stagg SA20ACE 

A top-of-the-line acoustic guitar from Stagg, the SA20ACE is an excellent guitar you should check out, especially if you are a beginner looking for an acoustic with the best value. It comes with a Basswood body, giving the acoustic guitar an excellent and pleasant tone to listen to, as it is very smooth and can reverberate longer than other acoustic guitars.

The guitar comes with a Nato neck, and its bridge and fingerboard are made of white Poplar. It also has nickel machine heads designed for improved tonal stability.

Lastly, this electric-acoustic guitar comes with an active preamp system as it has an under saddle transducer with an EQ feature and volume control. It has treble, mid, and bass controls, allowing you to shape the acoustic guitar’s tone to what you want to hear. It also has a phase switch button and a battery indicator so that you can already tell that the battery needs to be replaced immediately.

Stagg SA25ACE

Another excellent value guitar in the list that is from Stagg is the SA25ACE. It comes with top-notch guitar features and has a Sapele top, back, and sides with an open pore finish, giving the guitar a balanced tone, making it an excellent acoustic guitar to gig with because of its versatility. It also has a brighter sound compared to other tonewoods.

The guitar also has an Okoume neck and a Blackwood fingerboard, which gives the guitar an excellent combination of brightness and warmth. It has a compensated Walnut bridge and an ABS black binding on its top, back, and sides. Its die-cast machine heads come with a chrome finish.

It is equipped with an under saddle preamp system with built-in EQ and volume control. It has treble, middle, and bass controls for you to shape the acoustic guitar’s tone to your preference. It also comes with a built-in chromatic tuner, a phase switch button, and a low battery indicator.


If you are looking for an entry-level small-scale acoustic guitar with great value, the SA40MJCFI is one of the best options in the market to have. It has a mini-jumbo concert body with a single cutaway design, which allows you to access the higher parts of the fretboard.

The guitar has a Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides and its neck is made of Nato. It comes with a Rosewood bridge and fingerboard, and its machine heads are all made of Diecast nickel. The guitar also comes in a high gloss finish, giving it a very appealing look.

This acoustic-electric guitar is equipped with the popular Fishman Isy-201 preamp system, giving the acoustic guitar the famous Fishman sound that every acoustic guitar player loves. The pickup has an under saddle design and a built-in chromatic tuner. It also has volume control, a phase switch button as an additional feature, and a battery indicator to tell you if the battery needs to be replaced immediately. Lastly, it has a standard 1/4-inch output jack.

So, is Stagg a good guitar brand? The Stagg guitar brand is an excellent option for novice guitar players to look out for. Its lineup of guitar products, from acoustic guitars to electric guitars, is really impressive regarding value. They are also equipped with high-quality hardware, making them excellent guitars for an entry-level guitar brand.