Straight Cymbal Stand Vs. Boom Cymbal Stand

Straight Cymbal Stand Vs. Boom Cymbal Stand: Which Is Better?

Straight cymbal stand vs. boom cymbal stand: which is better? What are the pros and cons of using a straight cymbal stand? What are the pros and cons of using a boom cymbal stand? If you are planning to buy and set up your drum kit, having cymbal stands is also a part of it, as they will be used for your cymbals. The only question is whether you should use a straight or a boom cymbal stand, especially if you need an additional one in your setup. So, before buying one, finish the article first, as we believe that it can help you in choosing what’s best for you.

Straight Cymbal Stand: Advantages And Disadvantages

One of the most typical types of cymbal stands that you will see in drum kit setups is the straight cymbal stand. It consists of a metal tripod  that is height adjustable with a mechanism on top to allow for angle adjustment. Above the button, there is a mounting bolt that goes through the cymbal.

Below the cymbal, the mounting bolt passes through first a dome washer, and then there is a bottom felt, which supports the cymbal. The bolt then goes through the cymbal. Part of the mounting bolt that goes through the cymbal is separated from the cymbal by a sleeve, which is usually made of a synthetic material, and it protects the metal cymbal from contact with the metal bolt. The omission of this sleeve by beginners is typical and can be the reason for the keyhole damage to the cymbal mounting hole and often cracking around the hole.

So, why do many people still use a straight cymbal stand? The first advantage of having a straight cymbal stand in your setup is because of its classic look. Straight cymbal stands tend to have very simple aesthetics, but that is why they have that classic look that many drummers would still prefer to have in their setup.

Another advantage of using a straight cymbal stand is that the cymbal is able to center well compared to the other type of cymbal stands. Because of this reason, many drummers also say that the cymbal tends to sound better compared to when it is placed in a boom cymbal stand. Although there is really no real way to get a piece of evidence, many drummers still have this preference, which may be true for others.

The third advantage when it comes to straight cymbal stands is that they have a lighter weight compared to a boom cymbal stand. If you are a drummer who is always on a trip and you usually bring your gear with you, portability and being lightweight would really be a great help to you. Rather than going for heavy cymbal stands, having a straight cymbal stand in your setup still lets you play the drums with lesser carrying weight for traveling.

The fourth advantage of using a straight cymbal stand for your cymbals is its stability. As your cymbal is closer to the center compared to other types of stands, it also means that the stand is more stable than a boom cymbal stand. You also do not have to worry about the cymbal falling off to the other parts of your drum kit and possibly damaging the cymbal or others, as it is almost impossible for them to tumble down, thanks to their stability.

Lastly, a huge advantage of having a straight cymbal stand is that it is way cheaper compared to a boom cymbal stand. So, if you are going to need many cymbal stands in your preferred setup and you are on a tight budget, going for straight cymbal stands would be a reasonable way to do it.

Its disadvantage is that they have lesser value if you plan to resell them to other people. This can be a big deal if you usually sell your equipment to fund your plans of purchasing other and better equipment, as you will get way less than what you paid for the cymbal stand before. Another disadvantage is that it can take a huge amount of space, especially if you need lots of them to place your cymbals with, and this can be a problem if you only have limited room to place them.

Boom Cymbal Stand: Advantages And Disadvantages

On the other hand, the second type of cymbal stand that you usually see drummers use is the boom cymbal stand. A boom cymbal stand adds a second angle adjustment to the straight cymbal stand, which allows it to have more flexibility in the positioning of the cymbal. There are also many types of boom cymbal stands, such as the counterweighted, zero-offset, and multiple boom cymbal stands.

So, why do many drummers prefer to use boom cymbal stands rather than straight cymbal stands? One of the main reasons why many drummers use them is that they offer more versatility when it comes to cymbal placements. If you have lots of crash cymbals on your setup, using boom cymbal stands lets you place them closer to you, making them easier to play with rather than having them placed in straight cymbal stands.

If you also have some quirks when it comes to the positioning of your cymbals, then having boom cymbal stands on your setup really allows you to place them to your preference comfortably, so you won’t have any problem when you are playing with your drum kit.

Another advantage is they take up less space, especially if you prefer to use lots of cymbals on your setup. With boom cymbal stands, there are some of them that are designed to support multiple booms, allowing you to put many cymbals in one stand. So, if you have lots of them, especially with crash cymbals, it would be a great idea to have them rather than going for multiple straight cymbal stands.

The third advantage is that they have better resale value compared to straight cymbal stands. So, if you are planning to sell your cymbal stand after some time to get a new one or maybe for a new cymbal, having a boom cymbal stand that you can sell to your friends would be a huge help for you.

When it comes to its disadvantages, one that always comes to mind is its stability. Not only that the center of the cymbals is way off the center of the gravity of the cymbal stand, but if you are also planning to place multiple cymbals on the boom stand, then it can really be dangerous for its stability.

Another disadvantage is that they can be heavier compared to straight cymbal stands, which can be a problem if you always bring your drum kit with you. The third disadvantage is they can also be very costly and expensive compared to straight cymbal stands.

So, straight cymbal stand vs. boom cymbal stand: which is better? When it comes to ride cymbals, the best cymbal stand is for you to place them with a straight one, but for crash cymbals, it is way better for you to place them in a boom cymbal stand.