Taylor Guitar Warranty

Taylor Guitar Warranty: Taylor Guitars Have Lifetime Warranties?

Taylor Guitars are a known and respected brand in the guitar manufacturing world.

While they make great instruments they also cover their guitars with a limited warranty, but what does this mean?

Taylor Guitar grantees that all of their guitars will reach the customer in primo proper working condition, without defects.

Of course with wood there is always a chance that the guitar sees issues like warping and cracking within the first few months of playing.

Does Taylor have a warranty

Yes, Taylor’s Limited warranty covers the original purchaser for any build related issues with the guitar for up to 2 years after the initial purchase from an authorized Taylor retailer.

You can check Taylor Guitars warranty policy here.

What does a Taylor warranty cover

Taylor warranty covers any defects or issues that may arise with your Taylor guitar within the first two years of playing.

The warranty only covers problems or defects with the guitar, and not normal wear and tear.

Wear and tear is referred to as strings breaking, normal fret wear, or batteries dying.

The warranty is mostly there to cover unforeseen issues with a guitar, after it leaves the factory.

Common uses of the warranty revolve around neck warping, top panel cracking and intonation issues.

These types of issues are fully covered by the manufacturer, and you only need to bring it in to your local authorized Taylor tech, or ship it to the Taylor factory.

How long is Taylor warranty, Is it a lifetime warranty

Taylor used to and still does offer lifetime warranties for select ranges of their guitars.

These are typically the highest end of their ranges and their cost justifies a lifetime warranty.

For their other ranges, a 2 year warranty will usually be enough to cover any issues. 

After the 2 year mark it is very difficult to say that the guitar has become problematic due to poor build quality and not from the customer keeping the guitar in poor environmental conditions.

Is taylor guitar warranty transferable

No, Taylor guitar warranties are only issues to the original purchaser of the guitar, from an authorized dealer.

In short, only the first owner of the guitar has the Taylor warranty.

If you buy a secondhand Taylor guitar you will not be covered by Taylor, even if you have the warranty card.

Some second hand guitar resellers may opt to cover you with their own in-shop warranty to cover any issues you might have with the guitar over the course o the first year you purchase it.

How long do taylor guitars last

You might be a little more cautious about buying a Taylor now that you know their warranty doesn’t last past the two year mark.

However, the good news is, that Taylors are one of the best, well-made guitars in the world.

The will last you a lifetime.

Unfortunately, the warranty will not.

If you store your Taylor in good environmental conditions, and are sure to take good care of it, you will not have any issues.

Even if issues do arise, they will be well within the first two years of ownership, where to warranty will over it.

If you have issues arise after those two years, it is going to be very hard to say it is not from poor care from the owner.

In sum, when buy a Taylor you don’t need to worry too much, but do have your Taylor check by a good tech or luthier around the 1.5 year mark, just to ensure you get any problems fixed under warranty.

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