taylor solidbody discontinued

Taylor Solidbody Discontinued: Taylor Classic Solidbody Guitars!

Taylor solidbody discontinued? That’s old news, Yes, the solidbody electric lineup from Taylor guitars has been discontinued.

After running the lineup for only a few short years, the guitar maker has discontinued making their solidbody guitars

They still do however, carry their line of semi-hollow body electrics, such as the T5.

Does Taylor make solidbody electric guitars?

Yes, Taylor Guitars made a line of solidbody guitars starting in 2008 and discontinued them only a few short years after. 

While the craftsmanship was quite good on the solidbody Taylor lineup, they had trouble competing in the electric guitar market.

The brand name of Taylor may have been associated with acoustic guitars, and they had trouble crossing over.

Are Taylor electric guitars any good?

Yes, Taylor Electric solidbody guitars are known for great pickups, and one of the highest end bridges on the market.

While the solidbody guitars have been discontinued, their semi-hollow body guitars are still all the rage.

Where are Taylor solidbody guitars made?

Like all Taylor guitars, the Taylor solidbody lineup of guitars was manufactured entirely in the U.S.A.

This made them quite the competitor for major brands already in the electric guitar space, as American made electric guitars are becoming less common.

Typically, you can count on American made guitars being at the top tier of the quality list. With the only real competitors seen as Germany, Japan and Korea.

Nonetheless, Taylors American made electrics just didn’t take off well enough for them to continue on with the lineup.

What happened to Taylor electric guitars?

Taylor guitars is known for making some of the finest acoustic guitars. 

While they are also known for having a great lineup of semi-hollow body guitars, their solidbody guitars never took off.

Perhaps, due to lack of publicity, or exposure, the solidbody electrics Taylor put out were not well received.

Because Taylor is known as a top tier brand, immediately, they would’ve been compared to the top of the line electric guitars in the the market.

Imagine producing your first solidbody guitar, and enthusiasts right away want to compare it with Fender, Gibson and Ibanez’s top line ups.

It’s a big comparison, and not an easy market to get into.

Even though those who did get a solidbody Taylor guitar, prior to them discontinuing them, say they are great guitars.

The only real gripe about them is that parts are hard to find.

This is to be expected with short lived lines of guitars.

So if you’re thinking about trying to hunt a Taylor solidbody guitar down, just keep in mind that any repairs or spare parts may be more expensive than you might expect.

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