how many guitars is too many

How Many Guitars Is Too Many? Owning Too Many Guitars?

I have too many guitars, said no one ever.

It’s a common joke around musicians and especially guitarists that you can never own too many guitars.

But is there a point where you can have too many guitars?

How many is too many?

Well, if you find yourself pawning your couch to purchase another guitar, we can certainly say with some confidence that you have too many guitars, aaaannnd that you might have a problem.

Nonetheless, if you have the space, the desire and the money to support your habit, you can’t really have too many guitars.

Heck there’s even T-shirts made just for this saying.

How many guitars are too many?

Ok so let’s get to a real answer here in case you actually need to support your claims of not having a problem with over collecting (hoarding) guitars.

Realistically, if you have a guitar that doesn’t get played at the very least on a monthly basis, you have too many guitars.

That being said, if you are a touring musician, or make money from you addiction to buying and collecting guitars, then you really can’t have enough.

We’ve all seen guitar legends with walls lined with racks of guitars.

But that isn’t you is it? No I’m not a mind reader, I just know the legends of rock don’t read my blog is all.

So for us average Joes that want to collect the tools we need for our hobby how many guitars is too many?

I have my daily driver, electric and acoustic guitars.

So I have and play two guitars on a nearly daily basis.

Then I have a couple more stored away in their cases.

One of them is a beater acoustic that I take out to the campfire and don’t mind if it gets damaged or a little smokey.

The other I have set up for long term storage because I rarely play it.

So I’ve just out’d myself as having too many guitars.

In all seriousness, if you are giving your guitars regular attention, and playing them then you don’t have too many.

If you find yourself forgetting you have a guitar, pulling it out of its case, or blowing dust off it, only to find it needs a serious neck adjustment just to play it….

You have too many guitars.

There are many people who would love to have a guitar, and if you aren’t able to make use of it consider selling it off to someone who might appreciate it more.

Then you can take that money from the sale and buy another new guitar! Hahaha

Here’s Rick Beato to talk about just this topic:

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