is ultimate guitar pro worth it

Is Ultimate Guitar Pro Worth It? How Much And What You Get

If you’re looking to get the most out of learning new songs on guitar, you’ve probably seen a few options for tablature apps.

You’re likely already familiar with and wondering is ultimate guitar pro worth it?   How much is ultimate guitar pro and what do you get with it?  

Ultimate guitar pro is a great service that really streamlines learning individual songs.   While the free version offers millions of user generated tabs, the pro version offers tabs created by professional musicians, and sometimes even the writers themselves.

If you’re looking to get an edge over learning new songs quickly, ultimate guitar pro is worth it and you should absolutely check it out.

Is Ultimate Guitar Pro good

Yes, Ultimate guitar pro is not only one of the first, but also arguably the best guitar tab offering you can get.

Ultimate guitar has been around for decades, I can remember using the site to look up tabs before they even had a pro version to offer users.

When I was teaching guitar, I did have the pro version, so I could have access to a larger library of songs.

That was a long time ago and boy have they upgraded and added some awesome features.

Do you need the pro version? No, no you don’t. Just like you don’t need shoes to walk, but it’ll help drastically. 

Silliness aside, the pro version offers soooo many more options and really helps break down the songs.

The way I look at it is, the free tabs, or user generated content, is vast and really good.

The free library will show you how to play the song. However, there are usually some errors or typos within the tab, or the author of the tab could be noodling in the wrong key.

With the pro version, you’ll get high end , reviewed tabs, even for lesser known music.

One thing you’ve probably noticed with Ultimate guitar is that when you’re looking for lesser known songs, especially if they’re complex songs, is that the user generated content can be sloppy.

The pro version has a surprising amount of content, even for obscure songs you wouldn’t think they have.

The pro or official tabs they have are really, really good.

With the pro version you can play along with the song, change the tempo, pitch, have a metronome play.

Basically, the free version shows you what you need to play, but the pro version walks you through HOW to play the song, AND helps your practice the song until you nail it!

Ultimate Guitar Alternatives

If you want to compare Ultimate guitar pro to the other major alternatives such as Fender Play, Yousician or Songster, there are some good ones.

The alternatives to ultimate guitar are solid, however they often take the position of teaching you how to play guitar, rather than teaching how to play individual songs.

They’re more geared towards learning the instrument, setting up a curriculum to follow.

Personally, I think ultimate guitar is better suited to guitarists who have a good foundation and just want to learn songs, rather than learn guitar.

A seasoned guitarist will still need tab to understand a complex song quickly. They don’t want a lesson to go with the song, they just want to know the notes they need to play.

So if you’re looking for a tab app, ultimate guitar is probably a better choice if you’re a veteran guitarist.

Even if you’re a beginner ultimate guitar is still good, you just might gain a little more from a service that offers lessons along with their tabs.

Is Guitar Pro worth the money

Yes, Ultimate guitar pro is worth the money, you’ll get curated professional tabs, and tons of feature to help you quickly master any song of your choosing.

While you can likely find most songs on ultimate guitar for free, the pro versions are much better quality and will let you learn the song much quicker.

Not only will you get the guitar tablature, but you’ll also get all the other instruments, chords and proper lyrics right at your fingertips.

Each song’s entire content will be available for your to learn, easily, and quickly with all the features they offer their pro subscribers.

A great thing with all the new alternatives to Ultimate guitar pro is that its created a lot of competition for them.

This means that you’re paying far less but getting way more than I did back in the day. 

Fender Play is also a great option, and services like them force Ultimate guitar pro to be offered at a lower price.

This is only good for us guitarists as we can sit back and enjoy the discounts.

How much is ultimate guitar tab pro subscription

Ultimate guitar pro offers tons of sales for yearly subscriptions throughout the year. You will be able to purchase the service for between 40-60 dollars a year depending on what deal is offered when you buy.

Trust me when I say this, I wish they offered annual subscriptions back when I had it. 

I payed about 8-10 dollars a month, but for FAR less features.

I was only getting the pro tabs and a few extra features on the app back then.

Today ultimate guitar is offering a whole suite of tools and features to help you better learn each song on guitar.

It’s almost comical to see how much they’ve added, and how it’s only gotten cheaper.

Ultimate guitar pro is certainly worth the money.

If you’re looking to upgrade and get a resources that will allow you to learn songs far quicker, ultimate guitar pro is the way to go.

Even if you’re a pro guitarist, you’ll still benefit from the high quality tabs produced by ultimate guitar, in-house.

Instead of sluggin through the song learn all the notes, all the notes will be correctly laid out for you in a way that makes sense to learn from.

While there are serious competitors, and reasonable alternatives to ultimate guitar pro, it’s the original and likely the best option for any guitarist.

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