Using A Kick Pedal With A Cajon Drum

Cajon Drum: Using A Kick Pedal With A Cajon Drum

Will a cajon drum with a kick pedal sound good? Is it necessary to use a kick pedal when I am playing with a cajon drum? If you are curious whether you can use a kick pedal on your cajon drum or not, you better finish the article and learn some of the advantages that you can benefit from by using one.

What Is A Cajon

So, what is a cajon? A cajon is a percussion instrument that originated in Peru in the early 19th century. It is a box-shaped drum played by slapping the front face with the hands. Today, the cajon has become popular in many different musical genres, including flamenco, jazz, and world music. Several types of cajon drums are available in the market, each with its unique design and sound characteristics, and here are some of them:

Peruvian Cajon

The first on the list, the Peruvian cajon is the original type of cajon and is still widely used in traditional Peruvian music. It is a simple wooden box with six sides and a sound hole at the back. The front face is made of thinner wood, which produces a warmer, more mellow tone than other cajons. The Peruvian cajon is usually played while sitting on it, and the player can adjust the tone by changing their sitting position and angle of the strike.

Flamenco Cajon

The next on our list, the Flamenco cajon, is a variation of the Peruvian cajon, but it has a snare mechanism inside that produces a buzzing sound. This snare is usually made of guitar strings or wires and is placed against the back face of the drum. When the front face is struck, the snare vibrates, producing a sharp, cutting sound that is ideal for flamenco music. Flamenco cajons are usually played while sitting on them, but there are also some models that can be played standing up.

Snare Cajon

The third on the list, the Snare cajon, is similar to the Flamenco cajon but has a more complex snare mechanism that can be turned on and off. This allows the player to switch between a snare sound and a pure bass sound, giving the cajon more versatility. Snare cajons are usually made of birch or maple wood and are prevalent in many musical genres, including rock, pop, and folk music.

Necessity Of A Cajon Drum With Kick Pedal

A cajon drum with kick pedal, is it really necessary? You should know that a kick pedal is an essential component of a Cajon drum set-up. Having a kick pedal allows the player to create a bass drum sound using their foot, freeing up their hands to play other parts of the drum simultaneously. As we go forward, these are some of the advantages of using a kick pedal in your Cajon drum set-up and why it is a must-have for drummers of all skill levels that you should know:


The first advantage that you can get by using a kick pedal with your Cajon is the versatility it offers. A Cajon drum on its own is limited in the sounds it can produce, with its primary sound being a snare drum or hand-clap-like sound. You can produce a bass drum sound with a kick pedal to create a more complex and versatile rhythm. This versatility allows you to play a wider variety of musical genres, such as rock, blues, jazz, and more.

Easier To Play

The second advantage that you can have is it is easier to play with. As you use a kick pedal for your cajon, it is also much easier for you to produce a bass drum sound with your hand or foot alone. Trying to create a bass drum sound by hitting the side or front of the Cajon can also be very challenging, as it requires you to shift your weight or balance. With a kick pedal, this eliminates the issue by allowing you to use your foot to play the bass drum sound, providing a more comfortable playing experience.

Better Rhythm

The third advantage is that using a kick pedal in your Cajon drum set-up can also improve your overall rhythm. As a percussionist, it is very important, as it frees up your hands to play other parts of the drum, allowing you to create more complex rhythms with a more excellent range of sounds. This can also make your playing sound more exciting and dynamic and help you stand out as a drummer in the long run.

Better Control

The fourth advantage or benefit of using a kick pedal when playing your cajon drum is the better control it provides. When playing the Cajon drum, you may find that it’s challenging to produce consistent bass drum sounds, mainly when playing at faster tempos. With the help of a kick pedal, you can create consistent, precise bass drum sounds with ease, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your playing, which will make you a better drummer in the long run.


If you worry that you are adding weight to your gear by using a kick pedal, then you should know that it would not be a huge issue. Using a kick pedal in your Cajon drum setup can also be highly portable. Cajon drums are already highly portable, making them a popular choice for drummers who need to travel frequently. A kick pedal is also compact and easy to transport, making it an ideal addition to your Cajon drum setup if you want to travel light. So, all in all, portability would not be an issue for you with this setup.

Enhanced Live & Recording Performances

Last on our list of the advantages that you can have in using a kick pedal for your cajon drums is it can enhance your live and recording performances. Adding a bass drum sound to your Cajon drumming can surely make your playing more engaging and dynamic, drawing the listener’s attention to your performance. It can also help you stand out from other drummers when playing live, making you more memorable and increasing your chances of being hired for future gigs.

Is a cajon drum with a kick pedal necessary? If you have the option to use a kick pedal while playing the cajon drums, then you should go for it as it will greatly improve your sound, as it allows you to produce a better bass drum sound than just by using your hands.

Top Kick Pedal For Cajon Drums

Meinl Percussion CPEDAL Cajon Pedal 

One of the most popular options among Cajon players, the Meinl Percussion CPEDAL is specifically designed to be used with cajon drums. It features a smooth, responsive pedal action and adjustable beater angle for customizable playing.

Gibraltar G3GCP Cajon Pedal

Another excellent option for cajon players, the Gibraltar G3GCP Cajon Pedal is built to withstand heavy use and provide a consistent playing experience. The kick pedal has a sturdy base plate that can be easily attached to most cajon drums, and the pedal is adjustable for different playing styles.

LP Cajon Pedal 

Last on our list, this pedal from Latin Percussion is a popular choice for cajon players who want a versatile and durable pedal. This kick pedal has a smooth and responsive feel and can be easily adjusted to fit any player’s preferences. The pedal also features a unique design that allows it to be used with various cajon sizes and styles.