Are Vox Amps Good

Are Vox Amps Good? Where Are Vox Amps Made?

Are Vox amps good? Where are Vox amps made? Are Vox amps still made in England? If you haven’t heard of Vox amps, then maybe you are still a novice in the guitar world. Luckily for you, we are here to discuss how good these guitar amplifiers are and determine whether they are worth the hype or not.

Where Are Vox Amps Made

Where are Vox amps made? Vox amplifiers have a rich history and have been manufactured in different locations over the years. The original Vox amplifiers were produced in the United Kingdom, specifically in Dartford, Kent. These early Vox amps, including iconic models like the AC30, were handcrafted and built in Vox’s UK factory during the 1960s.

However, in the late 1960s, Vox faced financial difficulties and was acquired by the Dallas Arbiter company. Production of Vox amplifiers shifted to the Dallas Arbiter factory in Shoeburyness, Essex, also in the UK. Vox amplifiers continued to be manufactured there until the mid-1970s.

In subsequent years, Vox underwent changes in ownership and production locations. Various iterations of Vox amplifiers were manufactured in different countries, including the United States, Japan, and China. For example, during the 1980s, some Vox amplifiers were produced in the United States by the Korg company, which had acquired Vox at the time.

In recent years, Vox amplifiers have been primarily manufactured in China. Vox has established partnerships with Chinese manufacturers to produce their amplifiers, including popular models like the AC15 and AC30.

Nowadays, Vox amplifiers continue to be designed and engineered in the United Kingdom by the Vox team. While production has shifted to China, Vox maintains a strong association with its British heritage and strives to uphold the tonal characteristics and quality that have made Vox amplifiers renowned among guitarists worldwide.

Are Vox Amps Still Made In England

Are Vox amps still made in England? As of today, Vox amplifiers are primarily manufactured in China, with no current production in England. While Vox amplifiers have a strong association with their British heritage, the shift in manufacturing location occurred several decades ago.

During the 1960s, Vox amplifiers were handcrafted in the UK, specifically in Dartford, Kent, and later in Shoeburyness, Essex. However, Vox underwent changes in ownership and manufacturing locations over the years.

Since the late 1960s, Vox amplifiers have been produced in various countries, including the United States, Japan, and China. The Korg company, which acquired Vox during the 1980s, manufactured Vox amplifiers in the United States for a period.

However, in the last ten years, Vox still made some special edition amplifiers in the UK. One of the best examples is the Vox AC15HW60, which is a special amplifier to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Vox since its founding. These amplifiers are considered to be special as they are hand-wired.

Are Vox Amps Good Sound Wise?

Are Vox amps good when it comes to sound quality? Vox amplifiers have earned a reputation for their distinctive sound and have been favored by many guitarists over the years. The sound quality of Vox amps can be considered excellent and highly regarded in certain musical contexts.

One key feature that makes Vox amps stand out is their signature “British” tone. Vox amplifiers, particularly models like the AC30, are known for their warm, chimney clean tones and smooth overdriven sounds. They deliver a rich and harmonically complex tone that has been embraced by numerous artists across various genres, including rock, pop, and indie.

Vox amps often exhibit a dynamic response and touch sensitivity that allows players to interact expressively with their instrument. They excel at producing vintage and classic tones, making them particularly suitable for musicians seeking a retro or vintage sound.

In addition to their sound characteristics, Vox amplifiers are also known for their build quality and reliability. While manufacturing locations have shifted over the years, Vox has maintained its commitment to ensuring that its amplifiers meet quality standards and retain the sonic characteristics that made Vox famous.

That being said, an amplifier’s sound quality is subjective and dependent on personal preferences and musical styles. Different guitarists may have varying opinions on what constitutes a “good” sound. Guitarists need to try out different amplifiers, including Vox amps, to determine which one best suits their playing style and tonal preferences.

Ultimately, Vox amplifiers have a dedicated fan base and have been used by many iconic guitarists throughout history. Their distinct tone, build quality, and reliability have contributed to their overall positive reputation in the music industry.

Are Vox Amps Good When It Comes To Build Quality

Are Vox amps good build wise? Vox amplifiers are generally well-regarded for their build quality, which has been a key factor contributing to their reputation as reliable and durable amplifiers.

Historically, Vox amplifiers were crafted in the United Kingdom during the 1960s, and they were known for their attention to detail and high-quality construction. These early models, such as the AC30, were meticulously hand-wired and built with sturdy components, which contributed to their longevity and durability.

While the production of Vox amplifiers has shifted to different countries over the years, including the United States and China, Vox has maintained a commitment to ensuring that its amplifiers meet quality standards.

Modern Vox amplifiers continue to feature solid construction and reliable components. The cabinets are typically made from robust materials and well-constructed to withstand live performances’ demands and regular use. The control panels and knobs are generally sturdy and responsive, providing a satisfying tactile experience.

Vox amplifiers are designed to withstand the rigors of touring and regular gigging. They are built to be roadworthy and can handle the demands of high-volume performances, ensuring that they can withstand the vibrations, transportation, and general wear and tear associated with professional use.

However, as with any mass-produced product, there may be occasional exceptions or individual experiences with build quality. It’s important to note that while Vox amps are generally considered to have good build quality, occasional issues can occur, and it’s advisable to test and inspect any specific amplifier before making a purchase.

Overall, Vox has a long-standing reputation for building reliable and well-constructed amplifiers that can withstand the demands of professional use. Their commitment to quality has contributed to the continued popularity of Vox amplifiers among guitarists worldwide.

Vox Guitar Amplifiers You Should Try Out

Vox has produced a wide range of amplifiers over the years, each with its own unique characteristics and intended applications. The “best” Vox amp for you depends on your specific needs, playing style, and sonic preferences. However, here are a few Vox models that are highly regarded and have gained popularity among guitarists:

Vox AC30 

The Vox AC30 is an iconic amplifier that numerous guitarists have favored since its introduction in the 1960s. Known for its distinct chimey cleans and rich overdriven tones, the AC30 delivers classic British sound. It features two or three channels and is available in various configurations, including hand-wired versions and modern iterations with built-in effects.

Vox AC15

The Vox AC15 is a smaller sibling to the AC30, offering a similar tonal palette in a more compact package. It is known for its versatility, providing both sparkling clean and dynamic overdriven tones. The AC15 is popular among players who desire the classic Vox sound at lower volume levels or in more intimate settings.

Vox Night Train 

The Vox Night Train series is designed for those seeking a versatile and portable amplifier. These compact and lightweight amps deliver a range of tones from clean to high gain, making them suitable for various musical genres. The Night Train series often features unique circuitry and options, such as switchable wattage controls and built-in attenuators.

Vox Custom Series 

The Vox Custom Series includes amps like the AC10 and AC4, which offer a more affordable entry point into the Vox sound. These compact amplifiers are known for their vintage-inspired tones and simplicity. They are favored by players who want to capture the essence of Vox in a smaller package or for home practice.

Are Vox amps good? Vox amps are not only good, but they are really great amps. If you get a good deal with any of their guitar amps made by them, then you are a lucky guitar player.