When Does Fender Guitars Announce New Releases

When Does Fender Guitars Announce New Releases And Editions?

As the world’s biggest guitar manufacturer, it seems that Fender will always be churning out great stuff from their facilities and if you are an aficionado, it is important to know when Fender announces new releases.

Even in an era flooded by electronic gadgets and music trends leaning to club DJing, you cannot discount the fact that the guitar remains as popular as ever. In fact, during the start of the pandemic in 2020, Fender saw an explosion in guitar sales amid fears of music store closures and massive worker lay-offs all over the United States.

Fender Play, a guitar-learning application by Fender, saw its number of users grow from 150,00 to 930,000 in just a few months, after the company decided to offer free trials during the most severe lockdowns. This feat alone shows the stunning growth of guitar’s popularity among people of all ages.

The yearning for human interaction during the first few years of this decade will definitely impact the generations to come and it wouldn’t be surprising if we see another live music renaissance as soon as stringent health restrictions are all totally lifted. By then, bands and of course Fender guitars will be in the spotlight as they regale the youth as well the young at heart.

Sometimes Fender releases new models and special editions following a timetable that even their fans can have a hard time catching up with. After all, the guitar company’s vigorous operations and competitive flair is one of the things that made them the prestigious brand that they are for the past decades.

That being said, Fender spends a considerable amount of their resources on marketing, to consistently keep the brand name afloat in the music world. Aside from utilizing media publications and their own website, they are also present in some of the biggest music expositions to show off their new creations alongside some of the most promising guitar brands today.

When does Fender announce new releases 

Fender does their announcement at the beginning of every year and they already have a lineup of products to be launched for the next coming months. Usually, it is a massive list that includes new guitar models, latest editions, fresh color lineups, amplifiers and even stomp boxes. 

Fender fans are already awaiting in anticipation even before the end of every year, as rumors about new releases often start to swirl around communities and music websites as early as October or November. By January of every year, Fender will already be making announcements to the media and throngs of fans can’t wait for their participation in music instrument expos such as the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants).

New Fender releases for 2022 and 2023

As a behemoth music instrument company that is never satisfied with their historical achievements, Fender continues to surpass their standards with their quality products. The beginning of the decade may be a rough road for all kinds of businesses including the most established ones, but things remain as optimistic as ever, especially in an industry that brings only joy and hope to humanity.

Here are some of the announced new releases by Fender for the year 2022:

Fender 60th Anniversary Jaguar

2022 already boasts some exciting additions in the Fender lineup, but receiving most of the attention this year is the 60th anniversary edition of the iconic Jaguar. Celebrating one of the most beloved guitar models, the new Jaguar stays loyal to the original version that came out in 1962, but with much-improved playability and electronics.

Squier 40th Anniversary Series

Not to be left behind in the guitar race, entry-level brand name Squier will also be releasing their 40th anniversary series, which features a massive 10-instrument lineup that includes the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass. Squier’s celebration of four decades of quality and affordability will come in two editions, the “Vintage Edition” and the “Gold Edition” to further satisfy the cravings of guitar enthusiasts worldwide.

Fender JV Modified Series

As a salute to the much-revered “Japanese Vintage” reissues of the 1980s, the JV Modified Series brings back Fender’s golden era-inspired instruments, but with updated electronics and parts.

The roster includes amazing axes such as the JV Modified ’50s Telecaster, JV Modified ’60s Custom Telecaster and the JV Modified ’50s Stratocaster HSS, giving Fender lovers a wider array of options that will fit a plethora of tastes and stylistic leanings.

Fender Hammertone Pedals

Fender Hammertone may be some of the most inexpensive effects pedals in the market today, but they still provide quality tonal capabilities. Included in this lineup are nine pedals: Flanger, Space Delay, Chorus, Metal, Fuzz, Reverb, Delay, Overdrive and Distortion, all priced under the $100 range.

What’s in store for Fender’s future releases?

The future remains very bright for Fender and they seem poised to take over the market this decade. Their 2022 catalog looks very promising and as the world looks to return to normal, Fender guitars are expected to storm stages to cater musicians from every corner of the globe.

Whether you are just starting out in music, or a professional who can’t wait to get back to work, always be on the lookout for Fender’s announcements on their new releases. The music scene is brewing and fans can’t wait for the chance to interact once again and dance to live music, and as always, Fender will be taking the center stage.