where are peavey amps made

Where Are Peavey Amps Made: From U.S.A. To China

Peavey electronics is one of the most recognized brands in the amplifier space. 

Not just for guitars, Peavey has been making high quality and respected amps for decades.

However, Peavey has been going through some changes, so where are peavey amps made now?

Are there still amps made in the U.S.A.? are all their amps made in China now?

Peavey Electronics has moved the bulk of its manufacturing to China. 

They’ve done so quietly, and you should check as they’ve given little notice to their customers that models you might expect to be made in the U.S.A. are now coming from China.

Are all Peavey amps made in China?

The VAST majority of Peavey products are now made in China.

China Took over all the manufacturing needs from the European Facilities when they shut them down in 2014.

Further, A lot of U.S.A. production was also moved to China, resulting in the bulk of production coming from Asia.

While most Amps with the Peavey brand are coming from China, there is still some manufacturing left in North America.

Are any Peavey products made in the USA?

I’d love to tell you which products are still made in America, however, Peavey has been making some strange and often quiet changes to where they manufacture which products.

I could tell you which products are American, and by next season, Peavey might ship off production to China, just like they did with their 6505 models.

This really ticked off some loyal customers, as the 6505’s have always been high-end and made in America.

So yes, some products are made in America, but you need to be check each individual make and model of the product.

Don’t just assume that all of one model are American, because Peavey has been changing them regularly and without warning.

Are Peavey Amps still good, and worth the money?

Peavey seems to have gone downhill in the last decade. 

Their name is no longer commonly brought up along with the other top Amp builders.

As a whole, it seems in the news that Peavey has been hurting.

Many loyal fans have companied that they’re trying to sell Chinese made versions of products you’d expect to be American made, AND are charging even more for them.

Personally, I’m concerned that Peavey is going belly up, and they know it.

And instead of fixing their problems it seems they want to milk the brand dry.

If their plan is to run the business into the ground and get every penny from former loyal customers, I’d say they’re doing a good job.

I’ve never seen such a well respected musical instrument brand go from on top, to taking a hit, to giving up.

I’ve owned Peavey, and I liked Peavey, but at it’s current state, I would never purchase another Peavey amp.

Whether it’s made in America, or China isn’t necessarily the problem, it’s the way the brand is going about it that’s the real problem.

Peavey… get it together!

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