which end of guitar strap goes where

Which End Of Guitar Strap Goes Where? How To Wear Guitar Straps

If you’re trying to attach a new guitar strap for the first time you might be wondering which end of the guitar strap goes where. Which way should you wear the guitar strap.

The real answer is, whichever way feels more comfortable to you. Typically, guitar straps have the thick part in the front, at the neck, and the thinner end connecting to the bottom of the guitar.

Correct way to put on guitar strap

which way to wear guitar strap

Usually guitar straps are designed with one end thicker, and the other side being thinner.

This thinner side is often meant to be able to have the cable for your guitar jack to be wrapped around, or allow for a wireless device to be attached.

The reality is, that there are many styles of straps, not all have a thicker/thinner end.

Sometimes you can tell which end is the “front” by looking at the branding on the strap.

Depending on if you want the branding showing, you might decide which end to put it on.

If you get the strap attached to your guitar, and it doesn’t feel like it’s sitting quite right, try switching it around.

The only thing that really matters is that you’re comfortable while playing.

If you’re concerned about someone pointing out your “mistake” because you’re a rookie guitarist, I can assure you it doesn’t matter.

No real guitarist that isn’t a total jerk is going to harp on you for wearing a guitar strap a  certain way, and even if they did, they’re probably not someone worth listening to.

Even if you’re using a straplock system, you can easily switch your guitar strap around.

If you truly want to follow the “rules” (there are no rules in rock and roll btw), then the thicker end of the guitar should be at the front, on the horn of the guitar body.

While the thinner end of the strap can be attached to the bottom end of the guitar.

As mentioned above, this will allow a little more ease of access if you want to wrap the cable around the strap (always a good idea), or attach a wireless unit.

The thicker end of the guitar strap may pose a bit more of a challenge in this regard.

Nonetheless, do what you think will be the most comfortable and aesthetic for you, and if you find that it isn’t working for you, switch it around.

If that still isn’t working, perhaps try a new guitar strap.

There are many styles of guitar straps, and many different materials to choose from.

The likelihood of you getting the best and most comfortable fit on the first go around isn’t high, so try, try again.

Some guitars might also give you a little bit of a headache when attaching the strap.

For instance some acoustic guitar might not actually have a second button to attach the strap and you’ll need a string.

No matter how you need to attach your strap, you’ll at least have some options when doing so.

When deciding on what your normal guitar strap set up will be, just ensure that comfort comes first!

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