Why Are Drum Thrones So Expensive

Why Are Drum Thrones So Expensive? 2 Big Reasons Why

Why are drum thrones so expensive? Could it be because of the materials used in making them? Could it be because of the cost of doing research on their designs? Could it be because of its labor cost? Or lastly, could it be because a famous drum company makes them?

There are many reasons why many drum thrones have expensive price tags, and one of them is their build quality. The materials used in making drum thrones can be a little bit expensive, so it is only logical that they have an expensive price tag. Expensive drum thrones also usually last longer compared to cheap drum thrones.

Expensive drum thrones also have a backrest for better comfortability. Quick adjustment systems for height are also one of the factors for its price tag, while another reason is its seat shape and rotation. Portability and weight can be a big reason for their high price tags, but their longevity and durability are really two of the clear reasons why they are expensive.

Drum thrones made by famous drum companies can also be a reason for their high price, but for their reputation for producing high-quality drum hardware, it is still rational to have their price tags a little bit higher than other brands.

Pearl D-3500BR Roadster Drum Throne

The Pearl D-3500 BR Roadster Drum Throne is one of the most expensive drum thrones that the famous drum company Pearl has offered in the market. It is considered to be one of the most comfortable drum thrones, as its design is able to give comfort and reduce body pain to the drummer.

The drum throne has a saddle-style design, which comes with a Multi-Core Foam seat, composed of multiple layers of density foam, giving the drummer comfortability for him to play better. The cushion seat eases the pressure on the back and hips, especially when playing for more extended periods. It also has a backrest mounted via a single knob and can be detached.

This drum throne also has a Reversible StopLock, which makes the drum throne to be secure, and its seat can be spun freely. Its height range is from 19.5 inches up to 26.2 inches.

Tama HT741B Drum Throne 

The Tama HT741B Drum Throne is considered one of the best drum thrones ever offered in the market. Its design aims to give the drummer the most comfortable experience he could ever have while playing the drums. This drum throne is able to provide the support and comfort that is needed for sitting for a long time while playing the drums.

This drum throne has a backrest that you can dependently lean on. Its height and angle can be manually adjusted to your fit. One advantage of this drum throne is that its backrest can be folded onto the seat, so there is no need for you to disassemble it when you are traveling.

The Tama HT741B comes with four legs providing better stability than other drum thrones with a typical three legs. It has rubber feet to prolong the lifespan of the drum throne from metal to metal contact. These rubber feet are also bigger than the usual ones that were made by Tama.

The drum throne’s height is adjustable from 20.3 inches up to 26.2 inches. It can easily reach the drummer’s preferred height because of its T-bolt system that complements its threaded rod. Lastly, its seat is designed with a combination of round and saddle designs.

DW 9120AL Drum Stool

One of the premium drum thrones made by DW, the DW 9120 AL Drum Stool, is a workhorse drum throne that has already been tried and tested in the drumming industry for its durability and comfortability. This drum throne is under the DW’s Air Lift Series product line, which is widely known for its hard rock stability and longevity.

It has a pneumatic system for its height adjustment, which is an advantage if you need to adjust the height quickly and smoothly. It has an oversized tractor-style seat, which gives the drummer a very comfortable playing experience as it cradles the spine and the legs. The seat has foam padding, so you do not have to worry about back pains even if you sit on it for a long time.

It has 1-inch support that is braced for drummers who like to move frequently. It has a quad-leg design for its base, as it gives more stability and durability to the drum throne. The height of the drum throne can be adjusted from 20 inches to 27.5 inches. Lastly, it has an optional backrest that you can purchase if you prefer to have something to lean on your back.

Sonor DT 6000 ST Drum Throne

The Sonor DT 6000 ST Drum Throne is under the Sonor’s premium drum thrones series, the Sonor 6000. The DT 6000 ST is the company’s cream of the crop when it comes to drum thrones. The first you will see this drum throne; you can already tell that it is a high-end product because of its design and the materials used to make it.

The Sonor DT 6000 ST Drum Throne has a saddle-style seat that is thickly padded for support and comfort. It has a two-segment clamp to ensure safety for the drummer that is sitting on the drum throne for a long time. It also has reinforced braces for improved stability.

The height of this drum throne can be adjusted using its spindle. Its minimum height is 460mm but can go up to 660mm. Its rubber feet are newly designed to keep the drum throne from slipping in its place. Lastly, the drum throne has a drum key holder at the bottom of the seat, which is a nice feature for drummers who constantly forget to bring their drum keys on stage.

Gibraltar 9808OS-AB Drum Throne

Gibraltar has already established a strong reputation for making top-notch drum hardware, and the Gibraltar 9808OS-AB Drum Throne is a testament to that. This is their flagship drum throne and no doubt that it is really a premium one. 

The drum throne has an extra large-sized seat that is similar to a saddle. It has a Cordura top, and its edges are made of vinyl, resulting in a very comfortable sitting experience for a drummer. Its padding thickness is about 13cm, which is excellent for body support, especially since playing the drums usually takes a long time every session.

Although it has only three legs, they are double-braced, truly heavy-duty, and have Gibraltar’s Super Foot for additional support. It has a Quick-Lock clamp for easy height adjustment maneuvering. It comes with a backrest that can also be adjusted if needed. This feature is important, especially if you prefer to lean on your back for some time as you are sitting for long periods.  

The drum throne’s height can be adjusted from 54 cm up to 78cm, which is its maximum. It has a memory lock, so its height cannot easily change without being readjusted.

So, why are drum thrones so expensive? The main reason that drum thrones are really expensive is that the materials used in making them are also very expensive. The cost of researching its design can also be very expensive and can contribute to the total price of a drum throne. However, famous brands also put higher price tags on their products.