why are martin guitars so expensive

Why Are Martin Guitars So Expensive? How Much Is A Custom Martin?

If you’re looking for a high end top of the line acoustic guitar you’ve certainly come across Martin Guitars.

You’ve also probably ask why are Martin Guitars so expensive, what give?

Are martin guitars worth it? Do they hold or increase their value? What justifies the price tag?

Martin guitars are expensive because they are considered one of the highest end guitar makers. If you get a Martin guitar you can be assured you’re getting a top quality, flawlessly crafts guitar made by some of the most respected luthiers in the world.

How much is a Martin acoustic guitar

Martin guitars’ price range starts at around five hundred dollars for base entry level models.

However, commonly, the average Martin guitar is going to be in the 1,500-3,000 dollar range.

If you would like to customize your Martin it’s going to be much more.

So Why are Martin guitars so expensive? 

It’s because they are well crafted and offer quality that can be hard to find in the acoustic guitar market.

Martin doesn’t have many competitors, in fact they’re often compared against private luthiers, as there are only a few brand that can boast to be their competitor.

How much does a custom Martin guitar cost

Martin allows any of their guitars to be customized.

Customizing your Martin is going to cost a lot more than the base model of the guitar you’re looking at.

The cost of the customization can range from a extra few bucks to hundreds more, depending on the features you’re looking at customizing. Customizations likely start above the 2,000 dollar range.

But, if you’re already spending big bucks on an expensive Martin, you may as well make it your own!

Do Martin guitars hold their value

Martin guitars tend to hold their value a little bit better than other major brands.

A new Martin guitar drops in value after the first purchase, just like a car, or any other guitar.

However, because Martin guitars are so well made, the guitars are more likely to last a lifetime, and have fewer issues for the life of the guitar.

So, no you won’t be able to sell your Martin for the same price you bought it, a year down the road.

However, you will be able to get a higher percentage of the value back, compared to most other guitar brands.

Do Martin guitars increase in value?

Only vintage Martin guitars increase in value, and only some models do so. 

For a Martin to increase in value it needs to be vintage, in impeccable condition, and a sought after model.

If a Martin meets these requirements, sellers are often able to name their price, as there are so few Martins that meet these qualifications.

If wanting to buy a Martin, today, with the intention of keeping it in hopes it will increase, it will be a tricky thing to accomplish.

You will want to ensure that it is keep in proper storage conditions for a guitar, and play it minimally.

It will take easily 25 years or much more for a Martin, even a high end one to surpass it’s original sales price.

That being said, The most expensive guitar sale known, is a Martin guitar played by Kurt Cobain, at a price of over 6 million dollars.

Of course, it’s a great guitar, however, that price is less about the guitar and more about the musician.

Why Martin guitars are expensive

So, why are martin guitar so expensive?

Because anyone can take one look at the guitar and know they’re playing a quality, high end instrument that won’t have problems.

Martin is a great brand that has a sterling reputation for building some of the finest guitars in the world.

With the exception of their budget friendly, small scale or ukelele lines, all their guitars are made in the U.S.A.

This is a rarer thing these days, American made guitars are known to be the best, every other luthiering location is compared to American made.

Why is a Martin so Expensive? Because you’re getting the best!

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