Why are taylor guitars so expensive

Why Are Taylor Guitars So Expensive? Worth It Or Overpriced

Trying to figure out why are Taylor Guitars so Expensive? Are Taylor Guitar worth it or are they overpriced?

Well, if you’re looking at Taylor guitars, I’m sure you’ve figured out for yourself that they have a wide variety of guitars, at a wide range of prices.

What you won’t find with Taylor Guitars are cheap and affordable entry level models of their guitars.

Why is this? IS it because Taylor only wants you to buy expensive overpriced wood? Not at all, Taylor Guitars are one of the most respected brands in the guitar industry.

While you can certainly argue that some ranges of their guitars are beaten by competitors, you certainly can’t call them all “overpriced”

Taylor makes nice guitars that also in some cases are expensive guitars.

Taylor guitars make quality guitars and instruments. They’re more interested in making solid guitars to keep their customers happy, rather than competing with the other known brands in the acoustic guitar market.

Why Taylor Guitar is expensive

You can take a look at the thought and attention put into not just every guitar made by Taylor, but also into the process they use to set themselves up for success.

Taylor Guitars has been a big name for decades. They’ve come to position their pricing at the level which the market deems fair.

Of course, there is some wiggle room on that statement when you consider some guitars in certain product ranges.

I’m a fan of Taylor Guitars, in case you haven’t already figure that out, and I”l admit that their lower range of guitars (mid range or intermediate level) are less competitive than those in their performance line ups.

Are Taylor Guitars worth the price

Here’s a great demo on a beautiful 12 fret taylor guitar in the 2,200 dollar range

Yes, in general Taylor guitars are worth every penny you throw at them. However, there are some product lines that are better value for your money than others.

For example, Taylor made guitars under the 1,000 dollar mark tend to be a little less bang for your buck, in my opinion.

The mid range or intermediate level guitars, which is technically Taylor’s entry range, isn’t where Talor shines.

Where Taylor makes their name for themselves is in the performance level or professional grade guitars.

Just the other week I had the chance to play on a 12 fret guitar with a tidy price tag of 3,000+.

Normally, I don’t enjoy playing someone else’s high end guitar are I don’t want to bump or dent any part of it, but wow.

I was super impressed with the tone and feel of the entire guitar.

Taylor guitars are worth the price, you just need to find the guitar that fits you and your budget.

Is Taylor guitar overpriced?

Certain Taylor guitars are overpriced, yes.

They offers guitars of all styles and as no two guitars are alike, you can easily say that two guitars made by Taylor, with a similar price tag may not deliver the same level of quality.

The problem of course is, that once you’re dealing with high-end guitars, everything produces decent sound.

Taylor doesn’t make bad or cheap guitars. So it can be a little like comparing apples to oranges.

Personally, if you’re looking at a 600 dollar Taylor, you should also be looking at brands like Takamine. 

Takamine for example, makes it’s bread and butter around the mid range and the low side of the high-end market.

So you’ll likely get more value from Takamine at that price range.

At this price range, with Taylor, you’re getting a guitar brand that focuses on the high-end and produces some mid ranges to expand their market.

Personally, I think you should go with a brand that caters to your budget, rather than take a guitar that is below the average guitar they normally make.

Therefore, I might say that the mid ranges of Taylor guitars are overpriced.

Look at cars for example, if you’re buying a car on the cheap would you go with a cheap used Mercedes Benz, or a Toyota Corolla.

Alternatively, if you want to splash cash and get a really nice luxury car, you’re probably not going to the Hyundai dealership to see what their nicest car is.

You’ll be across the street looking at Benz.

One is going to be a much better match for your price range, than the other.

are taylor guitars overpriced

What is the most expensive Taylor guitar

According to Taylor Guitars 2020 price list, their most expensive guitars capped out at 4,200 dollars.

That price tag is for the 600 Series Grand Concert and Grand Auditorium models.

These are some primo guitars, that can easily go head to head with any high end guitar on the market.

Taylor offers a couple dozen models north of 2,500 dollars before customization takes place.

Least expensive Taylor guitar

In 2020, Taylors cheapest and least expensive guitar was 350 dollars (for a reduced scale Baby Taylor).

500 dollars was the starting price tag for their full scale lines of guitars.

Not that these less expensive  guitars are not worth it, but I do think you’ll get better value for you money with other brands, at least in that price range.

Why Taylor Guitars are so expensive

Taylor guitars are expensive because of decades of experience and knowledge that goes into them.

They have some of the most talented luthiers on the planet, that continually produce quality instruments.

Looking at the history of those working at Taylor, you can see they are not concerned with the competition, having many good working relationships with luthiers of other brands.

Taylor is quality, because they are aiming to collaborate with and further the luthier craft as a whole, not just as a brand.

So when you hear someone say, ” Taylors are so expensive, you paying for a name”, they’re not wrong.

You’re paying for a name that has consistently produce fine craftsmanship for decades.

A brand that isn’t just respected among guitarists, but also luthiers. 

That isn’t something every brand can boast.

Buying a Taylor guitar is going to be expensive, but to say it is overprice or not worth it, would be misguided.

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